Zoho CRM for Real Estate Contact and Prospect Management

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CRM, Customer Relationship Management, is arguably the most important business tool for real estate professionals. Sales cycles can be weeks, months or even years, and keeping up with your interactions with prospects and customers for that time is crucial.

What We Need in a Real Estate Contact and Prospect Management System

To properly market our business and our listings in today's world, the real estate professional needs to manage their contacts, prospects, and customers efficiently. In our business, this means specialty information fields that track what's important to our customers and us.

So many real estate professionals use Outlook for their contact management. Some even manage to customize some of the fields to keep track of real estate specific information. Few of them have online access to that information. Zoho has a suite of tools, including email, CRM, project and task management, and much more. In Zoho CRM, you can keep track of customers, prospects, contacts and all of your interaction with them, and all of this is online.

You can customize your fields, the display, and many other facets of the system. It is a complete CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.

The Ability to Create Online Forms With Automated Input Is Important

Using Zoho CRM, you can create forms for your website or blog, and get the embed code to place them online. These forms bring the customer or prospect info into the system automatically when they're submitted online. You can create rules to tell the system when to bring in the contact or prospect, or just to deliver requested information or both. An example: the first time a prospect fills out a form on a site is the only time they enter a leads database. Automated responses can be built to deliver your reports or other information to prospects.

Tracking Our Communications With Prospects and Customers Is Needed

Every email you send to a prospect or receive from a customer will end up attached to their record in your database. Following a line of communication is easy, with nothing ever lost. You can email right out of the CRM screens, and do direct mail and mass emails as well. All of these prospect and contact communication details are recorded. It makes measuring of results a lot more accurate if you set it up that way.

Attaching Documents Is Sometimes Necessary

You can add notes, or even attach documents to your contacts in the system. If you've received a document, say a survey, from a prospective listing client, you can attach it to their record. When you contact them again, it's right there with their contact database record for easy access.

For the Really Serious the Ability to Project Sales Is Great

If you're really into projecting future sales based on current prospect activity, Zoho CRM has this as an integrated feature in the system. If you set up properly, categorizing your prospects as to their potential for future business, reports can be produced to keep you on top of what's coming up in the way of closings and revenue.

If You Have a Team, Coordinated Functions Are Necessary

Zoho CRM can easily accommodate a group, with all members able to use the features. Leads and prospects can be managed and assigned by a team leader. Group email accounts can tie in as well. It's a system designed from the ground up for individual or group coordination of sales and lead management activities.

Don't Let Old Habits and Complacence Limit Your Marketing Ability

Envision a real estate contact and project management system that is accessible anytime, anywhere you can get onto the Internet. It's able to function 24/7, even if your computer is off. It will take leads from Web forms it creates, respond to the form submission, do automated delivery of information, and even automatically enter the contact or prospect into the database.

With this system, you can manage all aspects of your marketing to prospects, all lead management functions, and keep track of all communications in one place. Attach documents and notes to any contact. Track potential income based on lead quality, and stage of your process. Communicate with email right out of the CRM system. All emails are attached automatically to the prospect for later tracking and follow-up. Tasks management is a part of the system as well.