Yvette Glover

Yvette Glover

Consumer and business finance, banking, credit cards, consumer and small business fraud prevention
Financial specialist, Digital Marketing & Business Writer
California State University-Los Angeles, University of Phoenix


  • Has specialized in business and consumer finance and writing for nearly two decades
  • Served as a banker and senior fraud analyst at one of the largest financial institutions in the nation
  • Is passionate about educating the everyday person on all things finance


Yvette Glover is a business and consumer financial specialist and writer with over 16 years of experience in consumer and business banking. She specialized in high-dollar electronic investigations as a banker and Senior Fraud Analyst at one of the largest financial institutions in the nation.

Starting as a bank teller, she quickly moved to handle mainly merchant and small business clients and consumer and business bank investigations thereafter. She now writes research-intensive business and consumer financial articles for a variety of business publications, as she has a passion for educating the everyday person on the best ways to navigate the current banking and financial landscape.


Yvette attended Cal State University - Los Angeles with a focus on business and personal/financial services marketing operations. She also attended the University of Phoenix with a focus on business administration and management.

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