Wurf Board Review; a Fun and Ergonomic Standing Desk Accessory

person standing in front of Wurf Board
••• (c) Allena Tapia

The Wurf Board is an inflatable platform accessory for those who work at standing desks. It is used on the floor in front of a standing desk, replacing a regular floor mat. In fact, you could think of the Wurf Board as a much smarter and more engaged floor mat, and so much more!

The Wurf Board is made specifically with the needs of a standing desk worker in mind, so it is not only of higher quality and durability than a typical floor mat but also has added features, such as the ability to change the feel of the board under your feet by adjusting the air pressure.

The Wurf Board is the brainchild of the company Jump Sport and was debuted through a Kickstarter campaign. At press time, there were a few ways left to get your very own Wurf Board through that Kickstarter campaign, but retail sales are planned for beyond that.  

Why the Wurf Board for Writers and Home Office Workers?

Many small business owners and work-at-home warriors such as myself pay added attention to the health aspects of our career. I don't have an HR person to speak to about ergonomics, and all office adjustments are on my own dime. In addition, freelancers and contractors often lack short-term disability insurance and/or pay for their own health coverage. This means that healthy ergonomics take a precedent for me, and regular readers are familiar with my advocacy of standing desks and changing positions throughout your writing/editing hours.

So, Do You Want a Wurf Board?

Yes, yes you do. I agreed to try out a Wurf Board for a few days but ended up using it for a couple weeks as I received it around the holidays. They were the most comfortable weeks of my writing life!

The Wurf Board arrived deflated with an air pump that fit it specifically. Inflating it was easy (well, I watched my husband inflate it for me, and it looked easy enough), and took about a minute or two before it was ready for use.

According to the directions that were provided with the board, you can adjust the firmness by simply pressing the air valve, so I had my husband inflate it to a very firm surface to try out first. Within a couple hours of writing at my standing desk, I realized that I preferred a softer surface--that is, I didn't feel any different than I did standing on my floor. However, it was indeed easy to let out some air, and I found a softer, more malleable Wurf Board not only more comfortable, but it also seemed to engage my ab and hip muscles a bit more, which has got to be a bonus.

Other Pros of the Wurf Board

In addition to working at my standing desk for quite a bit longer than I normally would, the Wurf Board also raised my height a bit. This felt really comfortable, which was surprising to me, as my standing desk is customized specifically for my height.

I also liked that you can easily put the board away without deflating it. It's not heavy at all, and I was able to slide it between the wall and some filing cabinets. My office is small and I can't stand clutter, so this was an important characteristic for me. 

I also noticed on the Kickstarter campaign that the board comes in three sizes. As an average height and weight female, I could have easily used the smallest size. The one I tried out was the largest.

Wurf Board Improvements

The only thing I didn't like about the Wurf Board was how it looked with my home office, as far as color and design.

First, know that my office is carpeted for now, but I expect it to be hardwood in the future. The large board is designed with some hardwood-looking patterns on it, but they are three different wood colors. I would prefer a selection of boards that could blend in either with your own flooring (i.e. one color of hardwood on the board's surface design) or perhaps in solid colors that match an office.

In addition, it's obvious that the construction of this product is high-quality and very deliberate. However, that means that a large portion of it is an industrial-looking gray color rubber. Again, not a big deal, unless you're super picky about having a matchy-matchy home office (darn you, Pinterest!).

I did notice the two smaller boards were much more visually pleasing to me than the large one I tried out, though. And, when I searched Wurd Board on Pinterest, I did see saw other designs-in-the-making. 

Wurf Board Stats

  • Size: The small board accommodates a person up to 180lbs, medium up to 220lbs and large up to 250lbs.
  • Price: Retail pricing is expected to be $190, $230 and $280, respectively.
  • Includes Wurf Board, air pump, valve cover and directions.
  • Maintenance: You'll need to re-inflate your board about once a month due to normal air loss. Clean the surface with a sponge and mild soap. 

Overall, I highly recommend this product, and I suggest small business owners, at-home workers, and all my readers check it out!

*Disclosure: The writer was provided with a complimentary Wurf Board for a few weeks specifically to try out and review in this space, and it was subsequently returned to the company.