Working With Investors

Real estate investors are a different breed of client with a whole set of unique needs and demands. As a real estate professional, it's imperative that you know their goals, the real estate investment choices available to them, and the financial and tax ramifications of each.

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Foreclosure/For Sale Sign in front of large white house
A Real Foreclosure Negotiation With the Bank
Couple smiling as agent as they walk up steps to a new house
Here Are Tips on Finding Your Real Estate Agent Niche, Areas, Clients
Signing a residential lease
Main Benefits and Risks of a Short-Term Lease
Couple renovating home.
What Is After Repair Value (ARV) ?
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Succeed in Your Real Estate Short Sale With This Step-By-Step Guide
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How You Can Invest in Real Estate Without Cash
Real estate building
What Is Real Estate Wholesaling?
Real estate agent on cell phone
Here's How to Build Your Real Estate Investing Buyer List:
Businessman looking at a modern building
Benefits of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
Key in front door
4 Risks to Avoid When Using Leverage in Real Estate
Image shows a sandwich with several documents and contracts inside of it. Text reads: "How the 'sandwich' lease-to-own approach works: find the right home and negotiate deals on both sides. 1) enter into a lease-to-own contract with a home owner in mortgage trouble so you can buy a property through a lease purchase option with the owner. 2) Go out and find a tenant who wants to own a home like this one but has credit and/or cash problems that keep it from happening now. 3)Execute a lease with a certain lease payment–a mirror image of the way you gained control of the home in the first place"
Learn About the Sandwich Lease-To-Own Approach in Real Estate
man signing loan document in front of banker
Assuming or Subject to Mortgage
Real estate agent going over documents
The Surprisingly Simple Way to Make Money in Real Estate
Person handing key to another in front of building
6 Ways Real Estate Investments Can Make You Real Money
dollar bills surrounded by blue people
Building a Real Estate Investment Team
a hand holding a phone showing a pic of a building
The Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) Is Used to Determine Loans
Equity or Mortgage REITs-Best for You?
Signing residential lease
Learn the Basic Elements of a Good Lease Document
Real Estate Rental Property
Reducing Leverage Risk in Real Estate Investing
Investor signs contract to buy a rental investment property with a small model house in the foreground.
Bonds vs. Rental Real Estate for Investors
Looking up at a block of high-rise apartments from street level
How to Calculate Rental Property Cash Flow
Diagram showing the steps of calculation
How to Calculate Property Value With Capitalization Rate
businessman hand working smart phone on wooden desk in office in morning light. The concept of modern work with advanced technology. vintage effect
Calculate Net Operating Income (NOI) for Investment Property
Real estate agent talking to clients and explaining the loan to value on the mortgage.
How to Calculate a Property's Loan-To-Value Ratio
An overhead view of a housing development
How to Calculate and Use the Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM)
Landlord sitting at table calculating the rental yields from a stack of papers.
Calculating Net Rental Yield
Businessman using smartphone, superimposed over a cityscape of rental properties
Depreciating a Rental Property
House key on a house shaped keychain resting on wooden floorboards concept for real estate, moving home or renting property
How to Calculate Gross Potential (GPI) Real Estate Income
Realtor showing couple paperwork outside house
Calculating First-Year Return on Equity
person handing key to another in front of building
Learn About Income Property Valuation Using Capitalization Rates
Woman in jeans standing next to a for rent sign on a lawn
Understanding Operating Expenses in Rental Property Management
Piggy bank next to a house
4-Step Guide to Calculating the Break-Even Ratio
young woman sitting in apartment looking at blueprints
Calculating Investment Cash Flow Before Taxes
Young man and bar graphs
How to Calculate Commercial Property Cap Rate for Investment Purposes
House keys and contract on table in house rental
Are There Tax Benefits for Owning a Rental Property?
Notebook and calculator
How to Calculate Gross Operating Income (GOI)
Rental vacancy sign in window
Vacancy and Credit Loss in Real Estate Investing
Caucasian teacher frustrated at chalkboard
Get Tips on How to Calculate Compound Interest Compounded Annually
A couple calculates home interest
Calculating Simple Interest –– Does It Sound Difficult? It Shouldn't
Using a calculator
How to Calculate After-Tax Cash Flow for Real Estate Investors
real estate agent and buyer standing in front of for sale sign
Equalization Factor in Real Estate Investment
Realestate lady seal the deal
How to Calculate Mortgage Interest for the Real Estate Investor
Couple shaking hands with real estate agent outside an open house
Calculating a Return on Investment for Real Estate
House key on a house shaped key chain near a model of a home
Prorating Rent and Other Considerations When Buying Rental Property
Man holding model of house and keys with piles of change on the table assuming a mortgage.
What to Know About Prorated Interest on an Assumed Mortgage
A lease sign posted on one of the towers at an apartment complex in San Francisco, California.
Real Estate Financial Calculations Explained

Working With Investors: