5 Reasons Lawyers Love Avvo

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Lawyers who love using Avvo do so for a number of reasons. Most of those reasons revolve around Avvo's ability to generate new business for their law firm. To learn more about the top 5 reasons lawyers love Avvo, check out the list below. 

Top 5 Reasons Lawyers Love Avvo

Free Advertising
While lawyers can purchase an upgraded Avvo membership with extra benefits, most of the Avvo services are available for free. All an attorney needs to do is claim his or her profile to begin using the system.

As most lawyers are aware, there are a number of bad or even dangerous lawyers who are actively practicing law and making a lot of money by exploiting their clients. Somehow these lawyers manage to practice for many years before losing their law licenses, if they ever lose them at all, but not without harming a lot of people first. Avvo's tool for clients to provide a review of the attorney's services will make lawyers think twice before cheating or neglecting a client, and if they do cheat a client, it provides a way for the client to let others know about their bad experience with the lawyer. Further, if a lawyer has been disciplined by his or her state bar association, that information is featured prominently on the lawyer's Avvo profile. Thus, some lawyers are quite pleased that Avvo is sharing information that should be known about unethical attorneys.

High Scores
It's probably no coincidence that the lawyers who like Avvo the most are the ones who have received relatively high ratings from the system. After all, if your Avvo rank indicates you are a mediocre lawyer, how happy could you be with it? However, if Avvo calls you "superb," you can't help but feel a little flattered. While not all attorneys are going to reach the top scores, with a little work most attorneys can get their Avvo ratings up to a reasonable level.

Credentials Evaluation and Comparison
Clients often have trouble distinguishing the credentials of one lawyer from another. Avvo provides a way for clients to line up the accomplishments of each attorney to see which one appears to be more appropriate for the client's case. No other system on the market provides this ability as well as Avvo. Avvo Director Conrad Saam says that "Avvo provides three perspectives, three points of view of an attorney - the Avvo Rating, Client Ratings, and Peer Endorsements. We believe more information and more perspectives helps consumers make smarter decisions."

New Clients
Ultimately, the biggest reasons lawyers love Avvo is that it is sending them new business. It is particularly true of the lawyers who invest time in responding to legal questions posted to the Avvo website. It is a good way to connect with potential clients in need of legal services quickly. The overall quality of the questions being posted to Avvo is very good, and by providing meaningful responses to questions, many attorneys are picking up new clients every month from Avvo. Avvo is a great way to generate new business. While many lawyers have not had much success with Avvo in this regard, those who have made money from working with it are very pleased with the results.