What to Do If Your Ebay Account Is Suspended

eBay suspended account

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 eBay is the world's largest marketplace for selling new and used goods. The rules can be a bit complicated, especially for new sellers. Some sellers don't take the time to read the eBay policies before jumping in and selling. Violating eBay's policies can result in a suspended account. Most of the time, sellers unknowingly break rules and a suspension email hits them as a surprise. Before selling on eBay, it is wise to understand the policies and what actions can lead to suspension. 

Contact eBay to Find Out Why Account was Suspended

Before you can argue a case with eBay, you need to know what policy was violated. Sellers who are suspended will receive an email informing them of suspension. Sometimes the email is vague and the seller doesn't know which listing(s) violated a policy. It is best to call eBay and get clarification so that you can have the necessary information to appeal the case. If you aren't able to access the eBay help from your account (as it may be frozen), call eBay at 1-866-540-3229. The busiest times for the eBay phones are Mondays, the 21st of the month (when sellers are calling to appeal defects that didn't drop off their dashboard), and 9:00 - 12:00 noon Eastern time. Try calling at night when the phones are less busy

Suspension for Non-Payment of Fees

This one is a quick fix. If you don't pay fees in a timely manner, eBay will freeze your account. Nothing can sell and more listings cannot be added. Sometimes busy people just forget to pay their fees, no big deal. If you are still able to log into your account, go pay your fees. eBay accepts Paypal or you can make payment with a credit card. If forgetting to pay fees is a problem, it is easy to set up automated monthly payments so you don't have to remember and risk account suspension. 

Suspension for Listing Counterfeit Items

eBay has very strict rules against posting counterfeit or fake designer items. This is where most new sellers fall guilty of violating rules. They simply do not know that counterfeit items are not allowed, or they do not know the item they are selling is counterfeit. To clarify, counterfeit or fake designer items are not allowed on eBay. Only authentic brand name designer items are permitted. The counterfeit industry fuels all kinds of illegal activities including prostitution, human trafficking, child labor, drugs, and the underground weapons industry. eBay does not want to be a part of any of that.

Secondly, many sellers don't know that items like denim jeans, sunglasses, handbags, watches, and other clothing items are counterfeit. They do not take the time to have these items authenticated and verified. If you are new to eBay, always do your research on designer items to make sure they are authentic so that your account is not suspended.

eBay has a program called VERO. From the eBay website:

"To help you safely sell branded products on eBay, we offer the following pages written by intellectual property rights owners and similar organizations that work with eBay. These pages give information about the brands’ products and legal positions. The rights owners are solely responsible for the content. Please contact the rights owners directly if you have questions. Some rights owners who work with eBay did not contribute a page, so the list of brands is not comprehensive."

If you listed an item that was reported through VERO, and were not aware of this policy, tell eBay. Sometimes they will give new sellers a break for ignorance. You may get reinstated if you plead ignorance, but eBay only allows this defense one time. Learn the rules and don't ever violate them again. eBay isn't very forgiving when it comes to selling fakes or knock-offs.

Beware of Spoof Emails from eBay

If you receive an email that states your account has been suspended, always call eBay to verify it is real. Phishing emails that look like they are from eBay often ask for a seller's login information so that criminals can hack into the account. Always verify suspension by logging into your account and accessing the official eBay messaging system, not following a link in an email from eBay.