How to Maximize Real Estate Listing Syndication

They Can't Find You if You're Not There

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Real estate listing syndication is where your property ad, or listing, appears in many places at the same time, primarily all websites that are dedicated to the real estate home buying market. The concept is that no matter where these prospective buyers are looking, no matter which site they prefer, your listing is there. The idea is to increase exposure and compress or shorten the time to a sale.

Real estate listing syndication is quite important to your Internet marketing strategy. Your listing clients and, even more important, your listing prospects, will want to see just how much Internet exposure their homes will be getting. You may want to accent your efforts with an occasional local newspaper, but all the eyes are on the web.

Finding the Best Sites for Real Estate Listing Syndication

How do you decide which sites are best for you and your clients? The generally accepted answer is "the more, the better." There are national multiple listing sites such as Zillow, Trulia, and Zillow wants to be the one-stop shop for all real estate—rental, buying, selling, financing, remodeling, etc. Trulia assists with the home search and research process. They were acquired by Trulia in early 2015. displays listings from about 900 multiple listing services (MLS) across the United States.

It is the most traditional of the sites, focusing on the listings.

There are also sites that are specific to a real estate agency, and to a geographic area. There may be more specialized sites that you want to consider, such as local association MLS and local news outlets. However, there may be a few that you want to slight just because of their philosophy and marketing goals. 

For instance, if a site sells leads back to real estate agents, I generally do not like the idea of supporting it with my listings. Here's why: I place my listing with them and then, if someone inquires, they sell me that lead. I just have a problem with giving my information out just to have it sold back to me. You may feel differently, and you may want your listing client to benefit from exposure on all these sites.

There Is a Lot of Visitor Traffic

There is a lot of visitor traffic involved. According to data statistics company, as of May 2018 the top 15 real estate listing websites accounted for 123 million unique website visitors each month. Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo! Homes, and represented 79 percent of the total traffic.

That's a lot of traffic. It's important that you do everything you can do to make your listing stand out, attract attention, and seduce prospective buyers.

More information, as well as a list of sites that allow you to get your real estate listing syndication efficiently.