What Is eBay AutoCheck?

Definition & Examples of eBay AutoCheck

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EBay AutoCheck is a service offered to eBay vehicle sellers that gathers information from many different sources to give shoppers a dependable history of the vehicle they are viewing.

Buying or selling a vehicle through an internet platform is a challenge. It's hard to know if you are getting exactly what is advertised, even if you go and see the vehicle, and it's just as difficult to convince shoppers that information on a vehicle is legitimate. EBay has offered assistance to buyers and sellers by partnering with Experian for their AutoCheck service.

What Is eBay AutoCheck?

The basic idea behind AutoCheck (and similar services) is to prevent buyers from getting saddled with a vehicle that has any suspicious history such as odometer rollbacks, frame damage, outstanding liens, and more.

AutoCheck is an affiliate company of Experian, one of the major credit bureaus. The company has partnered with eBay to bring a better experience for vehicle shoppers and help ease the concerns most people have about a vehicle's history. It draws data from an array of sources, including state DMVs, insurance companies, repair shops, and salvage auctions.

How eBay AutoCheck Works

AutoCheck is a paid service on eBay. High-volume sellers (defined as anyone who has listed more than seven vehicles in a one-year period at any time) must have a subscription to AutoCheck to display vehicle histories, while sellers who are not listed as high-volume sellers are automatically given histories to display.

Shoppers can view a vehicle's AutoCheck report for free when a seller has purchased one.

If you are a high volume auto seller, you can purchase a subscription service via eBay's vehicle shopping section, or go to AutoCheck.com, register, and purchase the history through the company directly. Auto sellers and shoppers can purchase an auto history directly from the vehicle sales page, or log in if they already have an account with AutoCheck.

AutoCheck also guarantees its reports with a buyback option. If you find a missing state title brand—a state designation of vehicle damage or unsafe driving condition—the company will buy back the vehicle at up to 110% of NADAguides.com value.

What eBay Autocheck Tracks

AutoCheck will explain multiple conditions that may exist for a vehicle. These include:

  • Stolen vehicle reports: Any thefts in the vehicle's history will be included. Also listed will be any cases of abandonment, salvage, or major accidents—this is usually tracked by the vehicle identification number (VIN), and can be important to know as there might be safety issues.
  • Accident and maintenance reports: The report includes a history of any accidents, maintenance issues, and major repairs. It will also specify if the vehicle ever met state requirements to be considered a lemon—where there are too many breakdowns and repairs needed to a vehicle after purchase.
  • Odometer rollbacks: Odometer readings can be altered. The AutoCheck report specifies if the reading has ever shown signs of tampering.
  • Rental or other shared use: Rental and corporate vehicles are generally not cared for as well as some people prefer. The report shows whether one has been used for these purposes before.
  • Liens or other title issues: AutoCheck tracks outstanding liens against the vehicle title or other issues caused by ownership transfers.
  • Outstanding recalls: If previous owners did not take care of recall issues, these will be noted on the report.

What AutoCheck Doesn't Track

Some eBay users consider seller feedback to be an important part of shopping on the platform. The AutoCheck report itself doesn't provide any of the feedback, so shoppers have to rely on the seller's eBay profile for reviews, including their customer service.

While the auto report states if a vehicle was classified as a lemon or in major accidents, it doesn't provide information on whether it needs maintenance or if there is any cosmetic damage.

AutoCheck reports issues, but it doesn't take care of those issues for you. There may be additional steps for closing on the vehicle purchase, registration, and licensing. AutoCheck does not provide any information on these possible occurrences, leaving it up to consumers to make sure they acquire the information needed.

Key Takeaways

  • eBay AutoCheck is a paid service provided for eBay shoppers and sellers to help them market or purchase vehicles.
  • AutoCheck is an affiliate of Experian, one of the three credit bureaus, making it fairly trustworthy and reliable.
  • You can purchase a single-vehicle report on eBay's website, or subscribe if you are a high-volume seller.
  • The report is not intended to replace due diligence for either party involved in a sale. It is best if used with other tools, such as a mechanic's inspection.