What Are the Best Freelance Writing Jobs for You?

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The best freelance writing jobs are not-so-hard to define (although sometimes we can define them by their opposites, such as "the worst" assignments). They are projects that pay well but are also fulfilling, within our favorite niche or genre. But whatever they are, we know that "the best" assignments are a very personal choice, and may vary a lot by writer.

So, let's take a look at some of the "best" freelance writing assignments out there, with personal preference in mind. 

In Your Niche! 

Sometimes the best freelance writing job is the one that is in the writing niche that you are passionate about, or that you know a lot about. It might be your "perfect" assignment even if the hourly pay falls below your minimum because you know you can rock out this project with fire and speed! This can also be the best freelance writing assignment when you are burned out on other assignments, such as (for me) keyword/SEO copy.

Re-purposed Work!

Re-purposed work is work that you've already done, but that can be changed to fit some other (new) assignment. It is perfect work because it's already done (to a point), so it's likely to be easier and within a topic with which you are already familiar.

When repurposing freelance writing work, always be very careful about copyright and meeting your new client's needs, but if you do this correctly, you save yourself so much time and effort. 

An example of a re-purposed work would be a magazine article that you wrote about advertising. In it, you interviewed the CEO of an agency. Then, another, new magazine accepts a pitch from you on a profile of that same CEO. You already have some copy and some idea of her beliefs and career trajectory, and you already have the interview. You, therefore, save yourself significant time with this kind of freelance writing assignment.

The Price is Right

Sometimes the price is right, and when the bills come due, you're ready to put pen to paper in any kind of writing assignment! That's understandable, but there are a few caveats when it comes to accepting freelance writing jobs based solely on cash. First, more cash often means more time and expertise in the outlay. Be careful of your schedule and available writing time. All deadlines are of the utmost importance!

Another issue about writing solely for money is to be aware of burnout. Mixing in some writing that speaks to your soul, or some creative writing will help to avoid burnout.