Top 10 Business Opportunities

business opportunities
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When you have made the leap to decide to start your own business the next step is which type of business should you start? These business opportunities represent a convergence of trends, from saving consumer's time and money to the continued growth of new Internet users. So take a look at the top ten business opportunities for this year.

1. E-Learning

Learning electronically through the Internet, represents a continued strong business opportunity for development of technology and learning content. The opportunity for small business is to specialize in delivering highly focused content. 

2. Contractor Referral Service

Homeowners are challenged to find a reliable and trusted service for home repairs. New home contractor referral services have sprung up to fill this growing need. One such service is Angie's List. Become a trusted, unbiased source for contractor and home repair referrals in your hometown and build a much-needed third-party service company.

3. On-Site Computer Service

With the proliferation of computers in homes and small business, combined with increasing complexity, the market for computer services has grown. Business opportunities exist in serving business and consumer clients on-site with their repair, upgrade, and networking needs. 

4. Direct Selling 

Direct selling and multi-level marketing are hot in times of economic uncertainty. With rising need for supplemental income, recruiting new members is easier. Craig Keeland, President and Founder of Youngevity, Inc. says, "While the general financial forecast is gloomy, the sun is shining on network marketing. As the economy enters its newest downturn, network marketing will experience a dramatic surge."

5. Online Gaming

How hot is the online gaming market? It's growing at a very fast pace. Competition is intense for online gaming developers, but business opportunities exist to serve the companies that are developing all these games.

6. Management Consulting

Management consulting consists of big firms, small boutique shops and independent consultants. Although there are 75,000 independent consultants in the U.S., future prospects look strong mainly because consulting is driven by globalization, deregulation, fast technological change, and the current outsourcing trend. Typical fees range from $100 per hour, to top consultants commanding fees of $500 per hour.

7. Search Engine Optimization Business

Search engines remain the top Internet tool for shoppers to research purchases. The Association of National Advertisers states, 75% of U.S. big companies use search engine positioning. For large and small companies optimizing their web pages to provide top listing in search engines such as, Google, represents a task to be outsourced to professionals. The search engine optimization (SEO) field is is growing. The skills required to succeed in this business opportunity, as rated by are: understanding reciprocal linking, ability to develop keywords, HTML knowledge, and strong language skills.

8. Public Relations Consultant

In an over communicated, over advertised society, public relations (PR) helps a company break through the clutter and gain credibility with it's market. Authors, Al and Laura Ries of "The Fall of Advertising & the Rise of PR," see the change in marketing where public relations should come first, and advertising second. Freelance PR consulting offers varied projects and a high level of creativity. 

9. Home Inspection

Buying a home is a large investment creating a need for due diligence. Home inspectors offer real estate buyers an in-depth, unbiased, inspection of a home for purchase. To take advantage of this business opportunity, one needs training and certification. Remember, the real estate market runs in boom and bust cycles, so consider offering regular maintenance inspection contracts to survive a slow down when a hot real estate market cools.

10. Information Professional

Searching the Internet for information is often an exercise in frustration. Companies of all sizes need timely and accurate information to make intelligent business decisions. This is where the information professional or researcher is needed. Information researchers access the Internet and online databases, using advanced search techniques beyond the scope of most average Internet users.

Selecting a new business to start is the most trying task for new entrepreneurs. Consider your passions, skills, and experience, before embarking on your small business venture.

Edited By Alyssa Gregory