Top Recycling Industry Publications

Leading trade publications for the recycling industry

Recycling trade magazines

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To keep up with the latest recycling issues it makes sense to keep abreast of them by reading some of the leading recycling industry magazines or attending recycling industry events. Like other sectors of the economy, the recycling sector is being increasingly impacted by emerging technologies, global markets and the complications of domestic and international legislation. Current information is vital as operators strive to better optimize their businesses through equipment and process knowledge to run them much more efficiently.

Here are some of the top recycling publications that recycling businesses and entrepreneurs should consider:

Recycling International

Recycling International is a premier publication for accessing recycling industry news. For many years it has been reaching thousands of recycling entrepreneurs and businesses around the globe. In particular, its monthly magazine is regarded as the voice of worldwide recycling industry. Recycling International covers in-depth analysis of the latest recycling news stories and legislative changes in different parts of the world. The annual subscription fee is listed at €149 (€119 to first-time buyers), while on the other hand, its news section is updated daily and available for everyone. Recycling International’s News section has different sub-sections that encompass ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, e-waste and batteries, paper, research & legislation as well as other news, making it an important source of information for entrepreneurs operating in any of these recycling sectors.

Recycling Today Media Group (RTMG)

Recycling Today is another top source of recycling industry news and magazines. Also noteworthy, it offers a free subscription. The company was founded in 1963 to provide information about secondary raw materials. It publishes multiple magazines on different sectors of the recycling industry. Aside from print magazines, Recycling Today publishes various e-mail newsletters, online news, deep industry databases, recycling directories and guides, and more.


Scrap is a bi-monthly recycling magazine published by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI). ISRI is a Washington D.C. based recycling industry trade association which has approximately 1,600 member organizations that collect, process, and market scrap materials such as plastics, paper, rubber, textiles, and glass as well as ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Scrap is a subscription-based publication, with different subscription fees for organizations from different countries; $48 for US companies, $44 for US government organizations, $57 for Canadian and Mexican companies and $152 for companies from other countries. There is a 17 percent saving option available for all the companies with a two-year subscription.

Let’s Recycle News

Let’s Recycle, a part of Environment Media Group (EMG), is a leading UK website for recycling businesses and local waste management authorities. As a top source of recycling industry information, Let’s Recycle provides its readers with latest recycling news and information that range from suppliers of recycling equipment, services, vehicles and plants through to career advice, job vacancies, and tenders. Particularly, Let’s Recycle’s news section is where recycling businesses and entrepreneurs should have a regular look. Let’s Recycle regularly arranges seminars and annual conferences as well as provides "Annual Awards for Excellence" for the recycling and waste management sector.

Recycling Product News

Recycling Product News is a free Canadian publication that reports on the latest industry news, product information and new equipment technologies for the solid waste and recycling industry. It offers extensive coverage of several market sectors, including sectors, including scrap, demolition, waste management, organics, and hauling.

Construction & Demolition Recycling (C&DR)

Construction & Demolition Recycling (C&DR) magazine offers independent coverage of the recycling of C&D materials, from demolition work and the processing of the material it generates to the processing of mixed debris and land-clearing material. It also includes the business of brownfield redevelopment and meeting LEED green building requirements.

While few professionals have time to read all leading industry publications, it is good practice to regularly follow one or two relevant recycling magazines to keep track of industry changes and opportunities. If you are interested in finding out more about the recycling industry, several recycling training programs are also available.