The Top Countries Exporting to the U.S.

These Nations Provide Billions of Dollars in Trade

China, Hong Kong Harbor, tugboat sailing alongside container ship
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It's common for U.S. businesses to trade with companies in other countries. From Europe to Asia, American corporations operate on a global scale. Some countries are more popular than others due to their favorable business regulations and less time-intensive customs processes. As of 2015 – the last full year for which comprehensive statistics are available – these nations do billions of dollars in trade. 

China: $502 Billion

China is, by far, the biggest exporter to the U.S. The majority of computers and other technological devices, such as tablets and smartphones, are manufactured in China and exported to the United States. The Chinese electronic assembly industry is a huge business there, employing millions of people throughout the country. 

Canada: $302 Billion

Our neighbor in the north is one of the biggest exporters, sending billions of dollars' worth of oil, vehicles and machinery to the U.S. Canada's exports account for over 13 percent of the total products brought into the country. 

Mexico: $297 Billion

The primary exports to the U.S. from south of the border are manufactured or assembled goods, such as automobiles, computers and machinery. Lower wages and the closeness of manufacturing facilities make Mexico an attractive exporter for U.S. companies. 

Japan: $134 Billion

The automotive industry is the primary source of Japan's export of products to the U.S. Sending cars into the country from makers such as Hyundai and Mitsubishi accounted for over $47 billion in 2015. 

Germany: $75 Billion

Like Japan and Canada, Germany’s biggest export to the U.S. is passenger vehicles, followed by machinery and pharmaceuticals. 

South Korea: $74 Billion

South Korean exports have grown over the past few years. They were the sixth highest exporter as of the end of 2015. The products this country supplies are primarily cars, electronics, machinery and oil.

United Kingdom: $59 Billion

The United Kingdom's industry slid slightly in 2015 and was surpassed by South Korea. The primary exports were once vehicles, but now the U.K.'s number one export is machinery. 

France: $48 Billion

Like the United Kingdom, France is well known for its exports of machinery, but the country is also known for its aircraft manufacturing and beverages. Think wine. 

India: $46 Billion

India is one of the fastest growing export resources, although the country didn't even come close to the top 10 a few years ago. India's key exports include gemstones, pharmaceuticals, and oil. The pharmaceutical industry has particularly boomed as more and more U.S. companies outsource manufacturing to India then export the finished products into the U.S.  

Italy: $45 Billion

Italy has also experienced a great deal of economic growth and this is reflected in its exports. The country is primarily known for machinery, pharmaceuticals and beverages – yes, wine again – representing 2 percent of U.S. imports.  

The Economic Climate 

As the economy continues to evolve and shift, more countries are becoming major exporters in various industries. The export business is expected to continue to grow significantly, producing profits in the billions and benefiting those countries' economies, as the U.S. continues to outsource work and bring in more products from overseas. Of course, changing political climates can affect growth, and primarily trade agreements. Changes can occur with each presidential administration.