The Biggest Equity Crowdfunding Sites

How Much Money Have the Top Crowdfunding Platforms Raised?

Here are the biggest equity crowdfunding sites in terms of how much money they've raised for their own investments. To compile this list, we've used only publicly available information like that available at Crunchbase.


fundrise equity crowdfunding
Zack Miller, Crowdfunding Expert

Fundrise, a crowdfunding platform focused on real estate, has raised $55.5 million in total from investors. The Washington D.C.-based company is currently raising $500 million for a real instate investment fund.


Seedrs Logo

Seedrs, the London, UK-based equity crowdfunding platform for startups, has raised £24.5 million ($31.8 million). The company also offers auto-investing services to make the process easier for users.


AngelList Logo

AngelList, which is the largest social network of angel investors and entrepreneurs looking for funding, has raised $26.2 million in total from investors that include Google. But the company now sees 95% of the funding that takes place on its platform done privately.

The company features a startup job search offering as well as.


FundersClub logo

A graduate of the famous Y Combinator incubator program, FundersClub went on to raise over $6 million in what turned out to be the largest seed round of any Y Combinator graduate in its history.

The company crowdfunds venture capital-like investments for startups.


EarlyShares logo

This  Miami, Florida-based crowdfunding site is focused on real estate and has raised $5.9 million. The company says it averages an 18% internal rate of return.


New York City-based Onevest has raised $2.1m. 

It acquired rival crowd funding site Rock The Post in 2014, which had raised $1.4 million.