Tools to Help You Set, Track and Achieve Your Goals

Goal setting is important for every small business owner, in every stage of business. If you are not setting goals, you will quickly become stagnant in your business (and stagnancy is often the beginning stages of failure). Your goals should grow and change with your business, so you are always striving to do things more efficiently and accomplish more.

Without goals and a process for tracking the actions you need to take to reach goals, you won't know where you're going or how you will get there. Your goals help you build a bridge that can get you from where you are right now to where you want to be.

And goal setting isn't just for the start-up process. It should be something you do on a regular basis for the life of your business. If you are just getting started with goal setting or are a SMART goals pro, having some kind of system for setting and tracking your goals is important. Here is a list of seven-goal setting and tracking tools to help you create, track and achieve your most important goals. Whether you prefer to manage your goals on your smartphone or with a tool on your desktop computer, there is a tool here that will help you focus and achieve even your most ambitious goals.


goal buddy
Screenshot © Goal-Buddy

Goal-Buddy is an online goal tracking tool that helps you set and track your progress with the support of goal-buddies who share similar goals, motivate you and keep you accountable to stay on track. Other features in Goal-Burry include a task manager and list organizer.


Screenshot © GoalEnforcer

GoalEnforcer is a visual goal planning software for planning, focusing and accomplishing goals. Features of this goal tracking tool include the ability to drag and drop to rearrange your goals, color coding, status reports, a progress chart, and a calendar view. It's available for Windows and Mac OS X systems.


Screenshot © Goalscape

Goalscape is goal setting software that helps you define, work on and reach your highest goals. It includes a unique visual display to identify, develop and communicate the key elements of any complex project, including overall structure, relative importance, and progress tracking. It's available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux systems.


Screenshot © GoalsOnTrack

GoalsOnTrack helps you identify and accomplish your goals by focusing on the right activities. Features of this tool include action planning, to-do lists, time tracking, accountability partners, and a mobile app that lets you take your goals with you. It's a web-based application, so you can use it from any Internet-enabled computer.

Joe's Goals

Joe's Goals
Screenshot © Joe's Goals

Joe's Goals is a powerful tool that helps ambitious goal setters track and manage their goals. The simple single page interface makes it easy to set up daily goals and track them with just a click. A daily score measures your success while helping you confront and overcome bad habits. You can add as many goals as you want and update them all from a single interface.


Screenshot © Lifetick

Lifetick is web-based software for setting goals and tracking your achievements. Features of this goal tracking tool include an all-in-one dashboard that provides access to your goals, reminders, a journal, personal values and individual tasks.


Screenshot © single-step

single-step is goal setting software that helps you to identify the areas you would most like to change, and provides structure to assist you in defining and setting your goals. Features include graphs, reports, motivational cues and external encouragement. It's available for Windows systems only.

Tracking your goal progress can be a great way to get and stay motivated; it can also help you plan future goals and action steps. Each of these tools will help you track your progress, evaluate what you have accomplished and determine where you need to focus more of your attention.