Tips for Starting a Knitting Craft Business

Young woman sitting in window seat knitting

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Thinking about starting a business in the textile craft of knitting? Your primary objective is to make sure you can make a profit while turning your love of knitting into a craft business. Here are my tips on starting a knitting business from selecting knitting patterns to finding knitting resources.

Making Money With a Knitting Craft Business

If you knit as a hobby and would like to turn your love of knitting into a profitable craft business, you may be afraid you'll never make a profit since it takes so long to knit a garment. To work around this problem, you may have to modify your knitting mindset somewhat. This article discusses various methods you can use to balance time and the art of knitting to build your knitting inventory.

Books With Fashionable and Inspiring Quick-Knit Patterns

Thinking about turning your love for knitting into a profitable craft business? A major drawback is a fact that unless you are a well-known designer, it's difficult to make money selling handcrafted knitted goods.

However, don't despair! The key to making money in the commercial knitting gig is to simplify construction and specialize in smaller knitted goods such as hats, headbands, and camisoles. Follow this link to discover four of my favorite knitting resources which will help inspire you to design a simple knit line of your own.

Create Value for Your Knitting With Natural Dyes and Organic Fibers

It is very easy to purchase synthetic fabric dye in arts/crafts stores and online. So what's the big allure with using natural dyes? They are ideally suited for the crafter looking for the unique. Each dye lot will be slightly different depending on the natural material used. Even if you're using the same type of plant the color will vary based upon many different factors that affected the plant during its growing cycle.

Don't forget about the value you can add by using only organic wool yarn. The benchmark in the U.S. is set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Organic Program (NOP) which requires that the sheep be fed organic feed and forage from the last third of gestation and be raised without the use of synthetic hormones or pesticides. Also, organic livestock producers can not exceed the natural carrying capacity of the land on which their animals graze.

Finding Yarn Suppliers

You can't do any knitting without yarn! Find out how to find wholesale suppliers of yarn, textiles and related accessories you'll need for your knitting craft business.

Knitting Designer Kaffe Fassett

One of the masters of knitting is Kaffe Fassett. Fassett's basic premise is that his knitting patterns are easy to recreate since the color changes are limited to two per row. However, you still are carrying many different colors with you from row to row. Fassett refers to his method of designing knitting patterns as knitting in or weaving in as opposed to intarsia. Fassett has morphed his basic design aesthetic as well. Checking out his website, he's moved into painting, mosaic, patchwork, and needlepoint.

More Helpful Suggestions on How to Start a Knitting Craft Business

The key to making a profit with your knitting is to set it up assembly-line style and concentrate on smaller knitted goods while building a name for yourself. Another knitting profit center is to design some great original knitting patterns to sell. Once you come up with a killer knitting pattern or design and knit it, it's cheap and easy to mass-produce the instructions for emailing to buyers.

For example, check out the image on this page. Cute, clever hat pattern that is appropriate for the younger customer. Men and women alike have taken to wearing knitted caps to celebrity events. This is a great marketing tool for your knitted accessories and patterns.