Time Management Personality Types

Are You Sabotaging Your Time Management Efforts?

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The key to time management is knowing ourselves, as we can't actually "manage" time; all we can manage is our own behavior.

For many of us this is more than enough of a challenge. While we claim that effective time management is a top priority and that we just have to get more organized, our actions don't match our stated desires. I've invented these personality "types" to describe patterns of behavior that sabotage many people's attempts at time management.

Which of the following time management "types" are you? While intended as fun, this exercise may provide you with some clues for more effective use of time.

5 Common Time Management Personalities

The Fireman or Woman

For you, every event is a crisis. You're so busy putting out fires that you have no time to deal with anything else - especially the boring, mundane things such as time management. Tasks pile up around you while you rush from fire to fire all day (usually with a double espresso in your hand). Like most firemen/women, you have a Type A personality - an adrenaline junkie who is constantly in panic mode and thrives on stress. Think you might be a fireman/woman? Take the Type A Personality Quiz.

Typically seen - Running to a car (which is probably illegally parked) with a smartphone glued to one ear.

The Over-Committer

Your problem is you can't say 'No' - you have trouble setting boundaries on your behavior, or if you a boss, setting boundaries on the behavior of others who report to you. All anyone has to do is ask, and you'll chair another committee, take on another project, or organize yet another community event. You're so busy you don't even have time to write down all the things you do!  Somehow you are unable to factor all your external commitments plus the time needed for eating, sleeping, family relationships, exercise, hobbies, etc.

into a normal 24 hour day. For some strategies on dealing with over-committing see ​Saying No to Your Boss.​

Typically seen - Rushing from work to chair the Parent/Teacher Association meeting.

The Aquarian

You are generally popular with your co-workers and have an admirable zest for life, but there is such as thing as being too "laid-back" - especially when it starts interfering with your ability to finish tasks or bother to return phone calls. Having a constant circle of chatting co-workers around your cubicle is not conducive to task management and productivity. Getting to things when you get to them isn't time management; it's simple task avoidance.

Typically seen - Hanging out with feet on desk, discussing your team's overtime loss in the football game.

The Chatty Kathy 

Born to socialize, you have astounding oral communication skills and can't resist exercising them at every opportunity. You know everyone in the office, and all of your co-workers have been fully apprised of your medical problems, family history, and what you had for dinner yesterday. Every interaction becomes a long drawn out conversation - especially if there's an unpleasant task dawning that you'd like to put off.

Typically seen - Talking to someone in person while texting on a cell phone simultaneously.

The Perfectionist 

You have a compulsion to cross all the "t's" and dot all the "i's", preferably with elaborate whorls and curlicues. Exactitude is your watchword, and you feel that no rushed job can be a good job. Finishing tasks to your satisfaction is such a problem you need more time zones, not just more time.

Typically seen - Hunched over latest project.

Do Any of These Describe You?

Hopefully none of these time management personality profiles is a photograph of you! But perhaps these descriptions will provoke some thought about the different ways we manage or mismanage time, and some clues about how we might change our behaviors to make our time management efforts more successful.

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