The Reusable Moving Crate Rental Business

Reusable Crate Rental Businesses Increase Presence

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When it comes to reusable moving crates and the opportunity they afford, consider that about one in five Americans moves each year.This translates into roughly 43 million people changing addresses annually. And increasingly, more of them seem to be picking up on reusable moving boxes!

Bad puns aside, the time-honored method of carting off empty cardboard boxes from the supermarket can be just plain inconvenient. Problems include:

  • None there! They have just been loaded into the baler
  • You probably don’t have room in your car to take them all if they are available
  • They might be banana boxes with a big opening in the bottom of each container
  • Often they do not have hand holds for ease of lifting
  • They may be an assortment of sizes that aren’t the best fit for your stuff
  • The variety of sizes might lead to suboptimal stacking during the move
  • After emptying, they need to be collapsed and taken away for recycling

Reusable crates provide greater ease of use, and reusable crate programs typically offer a range of popular sizes, delivered as necessary. Some companies offer reusable cardboard boxes while others offer reusable plastic containers. In the past, we have looked at the opportunity to sell used cardboard boxes for reuse. This story focuses on the increasingly popular service of renting reusable plastic moving boxes and dollies.

Plastic rental box providers typically offer pricing they say is either competitive with new cardboard boxes, with the added convenience of drop-off and retrieval after they are emptied.

The reusable moving crate market has been present in North America for 20 years. While reusable plastic box rental for moving dates back to the 1960s in Europe, it first became noteworthy in the U.S. with the launch of Rentacrate in the Boston area, in 1991. Today, the Waltham, MA, headquartered rental company offers national coverage from 16 distribution centers located around the country, serving commercial, residential and government customers.

Reusable moving box providers typically offer a range of box sizes, along with supporting equipment and supplies. For example, Rentacrate offers its Complete Moving System™, encompassing purge and shredding bins, crate and dolly system, and reusable plastic sheeting and cushioning to protect buildings during the move.

Franchises - FrogBox Leaps Forward

There are several franchise opportunities in the recycling and reuse sector. When it comes to returnable container franchises, the two moving box rental companies catching most attention recently seem to be FrogBox and BungoBox.

FrogBox was founded in 2008 and is based in Vancouver, BC. The company provides green, plastic reusable boxes for movers to rent. Including franchised and non-franchised locations, the company boasts over 20 locations in Canada and the United States.

FrogBox notes that while the concept of renting containers is a simple concept, the execution of a profitable business is reasonably sophisticated. It requires an appropriate range of products, as well as efficient scheduling and routing system that promote efficiency. There are several independent moving box rental providers, but multiple location enterprises such as FrogBox believe that they are better equipped to serve customers moving from one city to another.

BungoBox is another franchise opportunity in this sector. In 2015, the company established its 20th location in Hawaii, joining other operations in such places as greater Atlanta, Jacksonville, Orlando, Phoenix, South Florida, Tampa, Halifax, and Gainesville. 

There are several compelling reasons to consider buying a franchise, including the opportunity to buy a turnkey operation with a system that has proven to work effectively and make a profit.

Business model aside, like other reusable packaging applications, the moving crate market is challenged by issues such as the size of the network and dwell time. For customers looking to put items into storage for a lengthy period, daily or weekly rental premiums may make cardboard boxes a more attractive option. Likewise, when moving to another city, then rental is more easily cost effective if the containers can be retrieved locally by another service provider in the network. Shipping to another city can be a disadvantage to a single site rental box provider.

As rental moving box providers increasingly establish networks of various types, however, the opportunities for reusable moving boxes should continue to stack up.

Here are some examples of reusable moving box providers:

Multiple Site Moving Crate Rental Companies

Franchise Offers

Single Site Moving Crate Rental Companies