Pros and Cons of Starting a Web Design Business

Explore if a web design business is the right business idea for you

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There is no denying the small business power of having an online presence. A professionally designed website is one of the ways businesses can establish themselves online.

If you are a trained or self-taught web designer, a web design business could be the best way to follow your dream of being a small business owner.

The Pros of Starting a Web Design Business

Among the benefits of starting a web design business include:

  • You get to be creative every day.
  • Your business can be home-based.
  • Your work can help your clients create a unified brand for their business.
  • You can expand your business by offering related services, such as blog customization and setup.
  • You can create partnerships with copywriters, SEO experts, web developers, marketing consultants, etc.
  • You can provide ongoing web maintenance to create a steady income.

The Cons of Starting a Web Design Business

Some of the potential challenges of starting a web design business include:

  • You must be knowledgeable in all of the coding standards and technology.
  • You need experience and to be knowledgeable about the industry.
  • Ongoing training and software can be expensive.
  • It can be challenging to come up with unique and creative designs.
  • You will be tied to your computer every day.
  • You have to extensively test every site you design on different computers and browsers.
  • There is a lot of competition, especially from template-driven services.
  • It can be challenging to sell ongoing website maintenance.

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