The CreateAPlan Brokerage Business Planning System

Business plan
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If you ask any 100 new real estate agents if they started their business with a comprehensive written business plan, you may get one or two positive responses.  Oh, some will have written out an outline of tasks to get started, but hardly a real business plan.  There are so many variables in running a business of any kind, so it's a miracle when the majority of these agents will make it in the business anyway.

The Bottom Line

Whether you're starting out with a new brokerage office or you've been in operation a while, it's imperative that you not only be able to look at your past expense and income numbers, but also be able to accurately project into the future. This system has the right prompts and reports to keep your business on track.


  • Comprehensive real estate specific office expense planning
  • Budgets revenues by agent productivity & average transaction amounts
  • Calculates recruiting expenses
  • Prompts for amounts billed to agents versus company expenditures


  • Though they can be added, more default marketing expense types would be nice.


  • Agent productivity modifiers - You can classify your agents by productivity, sides, volume, etc.
  • Break out buyer and seller sides by agent - Project agent closings by transaction type.
  • Agent-by-agent split % & sliding scale - Use set % or sliding scale commission calcs by agent.
  • Office & Overhead expense categories - Plug in your overhead expenses & average by agent.
  • Per transaction costs tracking - Assign static costs that are related to transactions.
  • Recruiting budget tracking - Set up and track expenses to recruit new agents.
  • Marketing expense budgeting - Track all phases of marketing expense, including agent portion.

Guide Review - The CreateAPlan® Brokerage Business Planning System

Were you happy with last year's financial performance for your brokerage firm? You just might find it highly valuable to take that profit and loss statement from last year and plug some numbers into the CreateAPlan Brokerage Business Planning system. Take a couple of hours to do agent productivity projections and set up recruiting and marketing expense budgets for the future. This online system will crank out summary and analysis reports that will get your ducks in a row. And, even better, you can make changes throughout the year for updated projections and goal setting.

Or perhaps you've just gotten your real estate broker license and you're going over the many facets of the operation you're about to set up. This can be one of the most valuable exercises you do at the beginning of your business formation tasks list. Making decisions about facility, office operations and marketing expenses aren't easy when you haven't done it before. It's easy to forget expensive items. CreateAPlan will prompt you for those expense and revenue item inputs that are specific to the real estate brokerage business

If you start asking around, you might be surprised at how many of your competitors do not have budgets that include recruiting costs, or that base revenue projections on agent productivity models. You don't have to stress out over what you might miss or miscalculate, because you can adjust your numbers or goals throughout the year.

The value that can't be measured except for how it impacts your business is the confidence having a plan gives you, especially that first two years when most real estate agents fail and leave the business.  In fact, the money you spend, if spent before you jump in, could be the cheapest investment you'll make.  If you see from the planning process that this business is way more involved than you thought, then you're out before you ever got in; lots cheaper too. has introduced many changes and plan additions since the first version of this article.  At $199/year, agents should only opt for this if they intend to use the program properly.  It measures progress and adherence to the plan, reports to the user, and allows plan modifications as your business changes.