The Best On-Demand Labor Jobs in the Gig Economy

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The gig economy has been good for the labor market. Staffing agencies, online job boards, and growing interest in freelancing have led to an abundance of jobs, both permanent and temporary. If you're interested in the latter, labor on demand is the niche for you, and there are plenty of options. Here are the most popular and profitable choices.

Personal and Home Assistance

Maintaining a home and family is no small task, and you can fill the role of helper with these labor on demand disciplines:

Housekeeping: Studies have shown that a clean and organized house promotes mental health, and many people are prioritizing their personal space. The average housekeeper earns between $50 and $90 per hour, according to HomeAdvisor, and you can set your rates based on square footage and market prices in your region. Check out, MollyMaid, and other staffing agencies to connect with clients, or consider opening your own business as a solo cleaner.

Childcare: A survey found that babysitters earned an average of $11 per hour, and caregivers in major cities earned upwards of $16. Parents rely on qualified sitters to fill in during after-school hours and date nights, and you'll have no trouble finding work with good references, first aid, and CPR certifications. and SitterCity are good resources to find local families, and you can also set up a personal web page and reach out to your neighbors through Facebook community groups.

Pet care: Furry friends are family to their owners; many of whom rely on help to give them the best care. From dog walkers to ongoing sitters, becoming a pet care provider is a great way to supplement your income. TrustedHousesitters and connect animal lovers with owners in need of support. Depending on your location, animal training certifications, and completion of a background check, you could earn $15 to $20 an hour.

Errands: Are you available to pick up dry cleaning or stand in line for concert tickets? Sites like TaskRabbit allow you to set your own rates and perform all those time-consuming errands for people in your city.

Home improvement and repair: The average homeowner isn’t a contractor, and some projects require a little expertise. If you're a licensed professional or handyman with a proven track record, you'll have luck finding labor on-demand jobs with Porch, Amazon Home Services, HomeAdvisor, and TaskRabbit. The rates you charge can vary dramatically based on the job and your location, and it's a good idea to refer to resources like HomeAdvisor's True Cost Guide before setting a price.

Moving and general labor: Relocating can be an overwhelming task, and homeowners often need extra help to get the job done. Consider signing up as a helper with You'll make up to $15 an hour as a box mover and up to $30 an hour as a driver. If Dolly isn't available in your area, contact local delivery companies to ask if they have a need for labor on demand. You can also search for PeopleReady for similar opportunities.


The days of waiting are gone thanks to fast shipping and guaranteed delivery services. Take advantage of the market need by signing up to handle:

Packages and groceries: Household delivery services have become a quick solution for busy families, which means that there's plenty of work for those who enjoy labor on-demand gigs. Amazon Flex pays between $18 and $25 an hour to deliver packages and groceries, including goods from grocers like Whole Foods.

Restaurant orders: Fulfill customer cravings by picking up orders from restaurants that don't offer their own delivery services. DoorDash, GrubHub and PrimeNow are a few popular companies that pay for labor on demand, which isn't labor at all if you don't mind zipping around town. DoorDash guarantees a minimum rate of $10 an hour, not including tips. GrubHub drivers reported an average hourly rate of $12 an hour.

Ridesharing/Taxi Services

Traditional cab services have new competition thanks to ridesharing services offered in major cities and even rural areas. There are several companies with open driver positions, including:

Lyft: This ridesharing service guarantees $2,400 in earnings if you give 200 rides per month, which works out to $12 per customer. While it's not life-changing cash, it allows you to estimate your earnings based on each job.

Uber: Driving with Uber means that you'll earn a fare based on the length and time of each trip. About 80 percent of drivers work less than 15 hours a week, which means you'll be in good labor on demand company.


What some consider "labor," you might consider business as usual, especially in these categories:

Professional services: If you're a full-time professional, why not use your daily skills to work a side hustle? Fiverr and Upwork both provide opportunities for business pros and designers. Niches include writing, graphic design, web design, computer programming, social media marketing, and voice work, among others. A professional portfolio or website is likely to help you land high-quality jobs.

Administrative: Busy professionals often need someone to pick up the slack, from organizing the office calendar to sending emails and managing inventory. Upwork has hundreds of open positions for virtual assistants, ranging from temporary to permanent, and many of them pay $30 an hour or more.

Events staffing: Whether it's passing appetizers at a wedding or supporting a dedicated serving staff, restaurants and event halls are always looking for help. Visit Indeed and search for "event staff" in your area. You can pare down your search to include temporary jobs only.