The Best Coworking Spaces Around the U.S.

Just as the way we work has evolved, our workspaces have changed. In the past, finding affordable office space for a remote worker, a startup, or a freelance contractor was next to impossible.

Today, shared coworking spaces all over the world present innovative, expandable solutions to the unprecedented number of entrepreneurs ready to set out on their own and the huge talent pool that prioritizes flexibility over office constraints when seeking a new position.

IWG’s 2019 Global Workspace Survey shows an astonishing 85% of workers worldwide prefer a role that offered flexible working opportunities, and 50% of respondents already work remotely at least half the time.

Working remotely has a lot of advantages, but working from home isn’t always practical. Coworking spaces offer amenities and advantages that leasing just can’t meet. For example, when you rent space in a coworking office, you’ll often walk into a complete setup with desks, chairs, decor, and often far more upscale surroundings than a startup can afford. There’s also an invaluable energy factor; the contagious enthusiasm of working around other creative, motivated people that makes you feel alive, enthused, and ready to take on the world.

Here are some of the best coworking spaces around; venues that offer the coolest experience, specifically targeted services, or simply the most bang for your buck.


Image shows Regus's coworking space

Photo Courtesy of Regus

The most prolific offering in coworking spaces, 3000 Regus offices can be found in 900 cities and 120 countries. In the U.S., over 500 office locations are available from coast to coast. While amenities and pricing vary by location, high-speed internet, office furnishings, and business machines are available at every location. Regus makes the top of the list for sheer availability.


Wework building

Courtesy of WeWork

One of the earliest entries in the coworking industry, WeWork boasts almost 850 offices in 123 cities worldwide, with 35 across the U.S. and more opening soon. WeWork offers a variety of office configurations, from an extensible private suite of offices for teams of 20 to 250 to a seat in a shared workspace. Amenities include a work-ready environment, coffee and fruit-infused water, high-speed internet, office supplies and printers, and front desk service. WeWork also offers access to health care, payment processing, IT support, payroll, legal and more.

Google Tech Hub

Fueled collective - downtown minneapolis

Courtesy of Fueled Collective Minneapolis - Downtown

Google Tech Hub is not a single coworking space; rather it is a collective of individual coworking spaces that partner with Google to offer invaluable help for startups. More than just a place to work and collaborate, Google Tech Hub partners offer education and training, bootcamps, and even social events, all geared toward a career in tech.

One Tech Hub partner, Fueled Collective starts at just $230 a month for shared coworking spaces, or $400 for dedicated desk space. Housed in spectacular historic buildings, the six Minneapolis locations offer all the general amenities you expect, plus an active social club, access to the Google for Startups network and special opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs.

Hotel Lobbies

Southwestern lobby of Inn and Spa at Loretto in Santa Fe NM
Inn and Spa at Loetto's lobby lounge, The Living Room, takes half off drinks and snacks during "reverse happy hour". ©Destination Hotels

An idea pioneered by the Ace Hotel in New York has caught fire, and hotel lobbies are being transformed into coworking spaces to invite locals—and the vibrancy and business they bring. The giant Marriott and Sheraton hotel brands are on board, transforming lobbies in many locations into work-friendly spaces offering comfy spaces, free wi-fi, and outlets. Most hotel lobbies offer these luxe coworking spaces for free. They know you’ll have lunch and a gallon of expensive coffee. And more importantly, you’ll recommend the hotel that serves as your second home to clients and friends and possibly showcase it on social media. 

The Wing

The wing- dumbo

 Courtesy of The Wing - Dumbo

With nine locations in the U.S. and another opening soon, The Wing is a growing coworking space with a unique philosophy: While everyone is technically welcome, the concept is designed for women and by women. Amenities include an in-house cafe, a beauty room stocked with skin products, showers, breast pump rooms, and on-site daycare at some locations. Memberships start at $185 per month with an annual commitment and include events.

Bottom Line

The beauty of coworking spaces is in the sheer completeness of the environment. They are walk-in ready, with everything you need in place, from Wi-Fi to hot coffee. Your laptop is all you need to bring.

Cushy, well-appointed coworking spaces are everywhere today. No matter what city you live in, or what city you’re traveling to, you may be able to find a comfortable space to work for a fraction of the cost of leasing an office. Most spaces are trendy and conveniently located, and some have a social calendar component. To find the perfect office situation for the day or for every day, shop around for spaces to meet specific needs, budget constraints, and time commitments.