Tenant Disputes & Evictions

Tenant disputes and evictions can be a source of stress for everyone involved. Protect yourself by learning the proper way to terminate a lease, the step-by-step eviction process, and dealing with various other tenant problems and complaints.
Noisy people in multi-story building.
Steps for Handling Tenant Noise Complaints
Picture of Handling a Security Deposit Dispute
4 Steps to Take When Tenant Disputes Security Deposit Deductions
Mattress infested with bed bugs
How to Tell If You Have Bed Bugs
Mus musculus – house mouse
How to Tell if There Are Mice in Your Rental Property
Picture of Ways to Get Tenants to Renew Rental Lease
5 Things That Could Prevent a Tenant From Moving
a handyman assessing a plumbing situation with a tenant
How to Deal With Tenant Maintenance Issues Using these Tips
mouse pest in house
Why Landlords Have a Hard Time Getting Rid of Mice
Text Eviction Notice typed on retro typewriter
What Not to Do When Evicting a Tenant
Picture of Is a Retaliatory Eviction Legal
Are Landlords Allowed to Retaliate and Evict a Tenant?
Picture of Risks of Long-Term Renters at Your Property
Disadvantages of a Tenant Renewing Their Lease
Picture of Can You Evict a Tenant Who Files for Chapter 7
Does a Tenant's Bankruptcy Stop an Eviction?
Man signing contract. Close up. Deal concept
Getting Free Advice From a Landlord Tenant Lawyer
Picture of Reason for a Roommate Agreement and 9 Things to Include
9 Important Things a Great Roommate Agreement Includes
Picture of Giving Landlord Proper Move Out Notice
Process for Giving Landlord Notice You Are Moving
Picture of Reasons You Want Tenants to Renew Lease
6 Ways Tenant Lease Renewal Benefits the Landlord
Stuff piled up on the curb outside an apartment building after the eviction of a tenant.
5 Reasons You Can Evict a Tenant
Picture of Times a Landlord Cannot File to Evict a Tenant
4 Times Evicting a Tenant Is Illegal
Picture of Basic Rules of Sending a Tenant a Notice to Quit
Reasons to Send a Notice to Quit and Key Terms
Picture of How Landlords Should Approach Pest Issues at Rental
Landlord Steps to Handle Tenant Pest Complaints
dog biting finger
4 Things a Landlord Should Do After a Tenant's Dog Bites
Tenant Complaints- From Noisy Neighbors to Maintenance Issues
Picture of What to Do When Tenants Complain About Pets
How Landlords Should Handle Tenant Complaints About Pets