Suzanne Wells

Suzanne A. Wells
••• Suzanne A. Wells, eBay Expert.
  • Founded S.A. Wells & Associates in 2016 to provide virtual assistant service to small- to medium-sized sellers on eBay
  • Has completed more than 40,000 sales on eBay since 2003


Suzanne A. Wells is a former writer for The Balance who contributed 61 articles during a period of nearly two years. She opened her own eBay store in 2003 and as of 2018 had registered more than 40,000 sales and received more than 14,000 positive feedbacks. She contributes to multiple blogs about selling on eBay and manages a Facebook group for eBay sellers with more than 23,000 members.

She opened her own virtual assistant business in 2016, serving small- to medium-sized sellers on eBay. 


Wells earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Queens University in Charlotte, North Carolina.