Suzanne Wells

Suzanne A. Wells
••• Suzanne A. Wells, eBay Expert.

I can't wait to help you get started selling on eBay, or improve what you are already doing. eBay can be a profitable income stream for anyone since there are no barriers to entry, it can be a family business, and there are resources in every community that provide inventory to sell. 


In 2003 I went from a two income household to a no income household. Between a divorce and the loss of my corporate job, times were tough. I did it all to try to make ends meet, from garage sales to cleaning houses. Then I found eBay.  I have made a career out of successful selling on eBay as well as teaching others how to tap into the world's largest marketplace.

My Facebook Group, Stay at Home Moms Selling on eBay, is the largest eBay group on Facebook with over 23,000 sellers sharing ideas and helping each other every day.

A few media hits include:

eBay for Business Blog  - Selling shoes on eBay

eBay for Business Blog - Selling consumable items on eBay

eBay Radio - Regular contributor since 2009 - Spring cleaning with eBay

Networker for Business Women - Starting an at home eBay business

Start Up Nation Radio - How entrepreneurs can use eBay

Visit my online school at for more eBay selling resources. 


I have a BA in Business Administration from Queens University in Charlotte, North Carolina.  My corporate experience includes working for Wells Fargo Bank and Equifax. 

Suzanne Wells

The average home has $7,000 worth of ecommerce income laying around in your junk drawers and closets. Turn this trash into hard cash by using the eBay platform. Anyone can start selling today!

If you are a seller with a backlog of inventory, or need to hire a virtual helper for your eBay business, I can help you get caught up and start making more money today