Susie Wyshak

Susie Wyshak
••• Like a kid in a candy shop, only it's San Francisco's Bi-rite Market, filled with superlative sweets and foods.

Welcome to your Food & Beverage industry information hub, where you'll find interesting ideas, actionable how-to tips and inspirational business model and success strategies related to food or beverage product business—from locally-sourcing startup food crafters to multi-national food manufacturers—with occasional useful food service, restaurant and food truck tips and stories. 

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The focus: You'll notice a slant toward information on "Good Food" business, which includes organic, all natural, Fair Trade, direct trade and local. Such companies represent the fastest-growing and greatest opportunity in food manufacturing, supplying and selling. 

Susie Wyshak's mission as your Food & Beverage Industry Expert (starting in 2015) is to be your most useful food business information source, from defining a vision for success to achieving that vision as part of a fulfilling life. 

Susie own measure of success is hearing from you that what you read here signaled a tipping point in your life. So please share and please report back.


Susie Wyshak is a Good Food business strategist, author, speaker, copywriter and legendary connector focused on helping food entrepreneurs achieve their goals in business and life. As a forager for select retail clients, Susie's culinary travels in search of artisan foods and food experiences take her around the world. 

Her book Good Food, Great Business: How to Take Your Artisan Food Idea from Concept to Marketplace (Chronicle Books, 2014) helps food entrepreneurs take the guesswork out of starting up — from concept to production to selling and marketing.

Focused on food entrepreneur success: Susie partners with likeminded food startups, service providers and the occasional non-food company to write copy, name products and services, tell stories and serve all around as a business strategy think tank.

Visitors to the Bay Area who want to explore possible careers in food can tap into Susie's exclusive "Artisan Apprentice Immersion" tour and Airbnb home stay. 

Consider Susie's diverse interests and background your personal information goldmine.


More on Susie's background: After years in marketing and strategy with game-changing Bay Area Internet companies, Susie worked as a farmers' market seller, promoter of farmers and artisan food crafters, and volunteer to kick off the U.S. Fair Trade Cocoa program.

With Foodzie, an early online artisan food marketplace, Susie discovered, sourced and promoted amazing American craft and specialty foods. This experience led Susie to write Good Food, Great Business.


Susie earned her BA in Humanities from the University of California, Berkeley. While pursing an MBA in Marketing at San Francisco State University, Susie dove deep into consumer behavior and market research, writing papers on couponing and price sensitivity, supermarkets and dime store trends, leading to a thesis on Consumer Attitudes Toward Giving Chocolate as Gifts.

Cooking classes at Bay Area culinary schools from icons such as Alice Medrich only furthered Susie's interest in food and tempered her desire to produce food for a living. 

Susie Wyshak

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