Pros & Cons of Starting a Construction Cleanup Business

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The construction industry is growing, but one component of construction is often ignored -- the mess. All new construction and remodels have one thing in common; they leave behind a mess that needs to be cleaned up.

Once the contractor has finished, there is a lot of cleaning to be done before the building can be lived in, worked in or put on the market. While it may be dirty work, if you're physically fit and ready to tackle the mess, a construction cleanup business could be a great business idea for you to explore.

The Pros of Starting a Construction Cleanup Business

There are many reasons starting a construction cleanup business may be a good idea. Some of the advantages of starting a construction cleanup business include:

  • The startup costs are low.
  • It's a good business for someone who enjoys physical work, being on job sites and the construction/real estate industry.
  • You can build a solid customer base with contractors, builders, and real estate developers.
  • You can work on commercial and/or residential sites.
  • There is good earning potential once you get started.
  • You can hire extra workers on a contract basis to take on more jobs.
  • You can expand your services by providing touch-up work, lawn cleanup, window cleaning, etc.

    The Cons of Starting a Construction Cleanup Business

    Before jumping into starting a business, it is important to consider some of the challenges you may face. Here are some of the potential challenges of starting a construction cleanup business:

    • The work is very labor intensive, so you need to be in good physical shape.
    • Your work can fluctuate with the real estate market.
    • It can be difficult to operate solo, and you may need a partner.
    • You need to be flexible in the hours you work and available on short notice.
    • You will need to purchase cleaning supplies and a truck or van for transport.
    • You will need to have liability insurance and may need to be bonded.
    • You may be exposed to dust and fumes on a regular basis.
    • You will have to research OSHA requirements as well as local and state licensing requirements.

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