Starting or Buying a Business

Follow these steps to set up your business and select your legal form. These resources will also teach you how to buy a business or franchise and set up an online business.
Sales Tax on Products and Services
What Products and Services are Subject to Sales Tax?
Creative coworkers standing up looking at laptop
What Should I Include in a Business Partnership Agreement?
Three general types of taxpayer ID numbers: Social security is the most common identifier for tax purposes, Dept of treasury is for people who aren't eligible for the other taxpayer ID numbers, you EIN is a federal tax identification number for businesses.
What is a Tax Identification Number? Which Number Should I Use?
Fake Employer ID Application
Beware of Fake Employer ID Application Sites
What Does a Board of Directors Do?
What Does a Board of Directors Do?
Board of Director meeting discussing corporate records
What a Corporate Records Book Is and How to Keep It Updated
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How to Research Business Name Availability
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Which to Do First, Get an Employer ID or Incorporate Your New Business?
Who Can Own a Business?
Who Can Own LLCs, S Corporations and Corporations
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What Is a Responsible Party for an Employer ID Application?
Picture of Winter Maintenance Tips for Landlords
What Is Common Area Maintenance (CAM)?
Three business men and 2 business woman are seated around a table at a meeting
Here's What Is Required For a Business to Incorporate in Oregon
Businessman Shopping Online With Credit Card
How a Sole Proprietor Gets Paid
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5 Things You DON'T Need to Start a Business
Business Changes and Contracts
What Happens to a Contract When a Business Changes?
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Board of Directors and Compensation Options
Teamwork and technology, indispensable tools for corporate productivity
4 Easy Ways to Apply for an Employer ID Number (EIN)
Vacant new construction storefronts
What's Included in a Commercial Lease Agreement?
Steps in Buying a Business
Here Are the Steps to Buy a Business
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Find Out If Your Business Needs an EIN Number
Mistakes in Buying a Business
Avoiding the Top 7 Mistakes When You Decide to Buy a Business
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Steps in Researching Your Market - Before Starting Your Business
A business person sitting in front of a laptop
The Difference Between Member-Managed LLC vs. Manager-Managed LLC
Negotiating a Commercial Lease
Negotiating a Commercial Lease? 7 Tips for Getting the Best Terms
How to Report and Pay Independent Contractor Taxes
Tax Identification Number - Employer ID Number
All About Your Business Tax ID (EIN)
First Steps to Start a Business
Want to Start a Business? Do These 9 Things.
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What Is Form SS-4?
starting a business
Answers to your Questions about Starting an LLC
Partners working together to raise profits for their partnership.
How Does a Partnership Make a Profit?
Pub owners reviewing paperwork
Tax and Other Decisions of Owning a Business With Your Spouse
Architects looking at blue prints
Leasehold Improvements Can Be Tricky Startup Considerations
Image shows a man in a bakery wearing a green apron that has a nametag that reads "bob". He is holding a tray of muffins, and standing in front of the pastry case and the register which says "Bob's Bakery." Text reads: "Sole proprietor business in the U.S.–Pro: the owner is in complete control and gets all of the profits. Con: The owner's personal finances and business finances are one and the same. 73% of all business in the U.S. are sole proprietor businesses"
The Sole Proprietor Business: What You Need to Know
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I Have a Business Name I Want to Use - Now What Do I Do?
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What Is Due Diligence?
Open sign hanging on store door
How Long Does It Take to Start a Business?
Corporate Board of Directors
All About Your Corporation's Board of Directors
Creating a business partnership
Starting a Partnership in 7 Easy Steps
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Starting a New Business? Consider Filing a Trade Name
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Should You Start a Sole Proprietor Business?
Exterior view of a commercial building with a "for lease" banner.
11 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Signing a Commercial Lease
Attorney in meeting with client
The Pros and Cons of Hiring an Attorney for Business Startup
Starting Independent Contractor Business
Becoming an Independent Contractor—The Why and How
Articles of Incorporation
What You Need to Know about Articles of Incorporation
commercial lease
Typical Sections in a Commercial Real Estate Lease
a businessman and woman hanging up an open sign
When Does a Business Actually Starts and Why the Date Is Important
Independent Contractor working on mechanical drawing in their shop.
How to Set Up an Independent Contractor Business
Putting Money to Your Small Business
The Best Way to Put Money Into Your Startup Business
Registered, Fictitious, and Trade Names on Historic pubs
Learn the Difference Between a Registered, Fictitious, and Trade Names
Board of directors meeting in a conference room.
What Should Be In a Conflict of Interest Policy for a Corporate Board?
Smiling entrepreneur with female coworker looking away in meeting at workplace
What Is a DBA?
Group of business people having a business meeting
What Are Corporate Board Officers?
Selecting Board Members
How to Select Your Corporation's Board of Directors
Young man doing Business with Parent
7 Tips for Going into Business with Family or Friends
Board of directors meeting
The Process of Removing a Board of Directors Member and Alternatives
Business Executives Agreeing on a Letter of Intent
What Is a Letter of Intent?
Business people signing contract in new office
How Much Extra Will Your Store Pay in Percentage Rent?