Starting a Nonprofit

Starting a nonprofit is surprisingly similar to starting a business. Here are the basics of starting up, including incorporating, finding a name, writing a mission statement, and setting up a board of directors.

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Volunteer serving food at community kitchen
How Does the IRS Classify Your Nonprofit Organization?
Board members looking at computer screen.
What the Heck Do Nonprofit Boards of Directors Do?
Children gathered around a box labeled "food drive"
What Is a 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Organization?
Diverse, young members of a nonprofit board.
Why the First Board of Directors for Your Nonprofit Is So Important
Group of people brainstorming an event at a nonprofit's club meeting.
How to Write an Amazing Nonprofit Mission Statement
Senior couple with clipboard at clothing drive in warehouse
How to Pick the Right Name for Your New Nonprofit Organization
Father and daughters volunteering, filling boxes for food drive in warehouse
Should Nonprofits Charge for Services and Sell Products?
An argumentative board member.
How to Remove a Problem Nonprofit Board Member
Professionals meeting in a business setting looking over finance paperwork.
6 Ways Your Nonprofit Could Lose Its Tax Exemption
A laptop on top of a piece of paper with tables.
What Your Nonprofit Needs to Know About Form 990
Confident busineswwoman discusses charity event
What Is the Sarbanes-Oxley Act?
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Do You Have a Nonprofit Not-to-Do List? Here Is Why You Need One
Woman with light bulb over her head, representing a creative idea.
Ask Yourself These 7 Questions Before Starting a Nonprofit
Woman wearing volunteer tshirt and smiling.
Alternatives to Starting a Charitable Nonprofit
Volunteers of several ages and ethnicities enjoying their work.
How to Do Good Without Starting a New Nonprofit
Nonprofit coworkers in discussion in conference room
Is Your Nonprofit Ready to Apply for Foundation Grants?
Businesswoman discussing charity event at meeting
How to Incorporate Your Charitable Nonprofit
Members of a nonprofit board in a meeting.
Here Is a Look at How Board Members Can Avoid Conflicts of Interest
Two women and a man consult about data in an office.
Inputs, Outputs, Outcomes, Impact - What is the Difference?
Coworkers in planning meeting in conference room
Find Out If and When Nonprofit Board Members Can Be Paid
2010 March Of Dimes March For Babies
When and How to Legally Change Your Nonprofit's Mission and Name
Jar with change and 2 red hearts.
Use This Checklist for Nonprofit Transparency
Strategy committee
How to Find the Right Board Members for Your Nonprofit
Man and woman consulting at a computer.
What Is Form 990-N?
An example of earned income for a nonprofi is the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art gift shop.
When Should a Nonprofit Worry About Income Unrelated to Its Mission?
Two female social workers are interacting with a group of villagers comprising of children and female adults.
What High-Impact Nonprofits Really Do
Blake Mycoskie, social entrepreneur and founder of TOMS.
5 CSR Lessons from TOMS
Newsletter and coffee.
Should a Charity Sell Ads in Its Newsletter?
Men and women sit around a conference table in a nonprofit boardroom
Common Nonprofit Startup Mistakes
Offering at a church.
The Differences Between Churches and Religious Organizations
Neighbors helping paint a house.
Unincorporated Nonprofit Associations
Volunteers working in soup kitchen
What Qualifies a Nonprofit for Tax Exemption?
Faith-based charity feeding children.
How Is a Faith-Based Nonprofit Different From Other NPOs?
Volunteers enjoying their work.
Does a Nonprofit Need an EIN?
Nonprofit board members concerned about liabilit issues.
Can Nonprofit Board Members be Sued?
Signing articles of incorporation
What Are Articles of Incorporation for a Nonprofit?
Woman paying bills online at home
Steps to Closing Your Nonprofit Organization
US Capitol over the trees
May Nonprofits Engage in Political Activity?
IRS sign with stoplight in foreground.
Why Does It Take the IRS So Long to Approve My 501c3 Application?
Volunteers carrying boxes of supplies.
How Do I Start a Local Chapter of a National Nonprofit?
Happy nonprofit employees
Nonprofit Salaries: Laws and Average Pay

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