Read the Different Shoe Store Company Mission Statements

Mission, Vision, and Values for Zappos, DSW, and More

Zappos corporate headquarters - Las Vegas
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The largest U.S. shoe companies like DSW, Zappos all have company mission, vision, and values statements which guide their operations and defines their brand, culture, and customer experience. Each statement is as unique as the individual retail shoe company and the shopping experience their shoe stores provide.

DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse)

DSW refers to its mission statement as its "Core Focus," which is appropriate since it focuses employees on the needs, desires, and emotions of its shoe shopping customers.

Nike Mission

Even though Nike's products and retail business are focused on the "every athlete," it's Guiding Principles, which it refers to as its "11 Maxims," is about the athletes it serves and the inspiration and innovation Nike products provide to "every athlete" of all ages and proficiency.


Even though Zappos is a company that helped define the Internet shoe shopping experience, the Zappos mission statement designed by founder Tony Hsieh is not about its products and all about the purchasers of the products.

Mission Statements of Other Shoe Selling Retailers

Because of the expansion of shoe retailers on the Internet, the number of shoe-only brick-and-mortar retail chains is shrinking.  The mission statements of fashion and designer retailers that also sell shoes are also arranged alphabetically below. 


Founder Jeff Bezos has referred to the mission statement of as the guiding force behind his leadership decisions.  While Amazon single-handedly has set the standard for online Internet shopping websites, the Amazon mission statement doesn't focus Amazon employees on the Amazon technology and processes, but rather the people that the technology and processes were designed to serve.

Belk Department Store

The Belk mission statement embraces the company's heritage with Southern style, and a branded Belk customer experience that includes both customer care and good shopping value.


The mission statement of Chanel is designed to ensure the style of its founder, Coco Chanel, will live on far into the future.

Louis Vuitton

Under the umbrella of the LVMH Group, the mission statement of Louis Vuitton is the mission of its parent company, which is about providing the world with luxury products, elegance, creativity, and “Art de Vivre.”


As one of the oldest retail chains in the U.S., the Macy's mission statement is a study in a retail philosophy that survives the test of time.  The current Macy's mission statement is designed to keep employees focused on the future while embracing the agility and technology that will perpetuate the Macy's retailing legacy.


The legendary Nordstrom customer service experience doesn't happen by accident, and it's the Nordstrom mission statement that both focuses and empowers employees to create a unique brand of Nordstrom customer service that makes Nordstrom one of the most valuable retail brands and powers Nordstrom's overall retail success.

Stein Mart

The Stein Mart Vision and Mission Statement are generic and could apply to any kind of retail company, which could account for the brand identity crisis the company seems to be having.