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Name of Home Business - Doing Business As:

The actual name you conduct business with goes here, such as My Home Business, LLC

Home Business Owner's Name (s):

The name of the person or persons who founded the business, such as Homer Homebusiness and Marge Homebusiness

Geographical Location of this Business - City/Town and State:

The location of your home business - logically, the city and state where you reside. Because this site focuses on US home businesses, profile listings are limited to home businesses in the US. For example, Springfield, Vermont

Year Home Business Was Started:

The year you opened your doors of your home business to customers or clients. You may also include the month, if you like. For example, July 2001 or just 2003.

The only requirement is that your home business be already open for business, not just in the planning stages.

Legal Form of Business:

The legal structure under which your home business operates, such as:

Geographical Areas Served:

Do you operate only in your local area or are your products or services available only in the US, in the US and Canada, or worldwide, such as might be available online?

Products and/or Services Offered:

What products and/or services are offered by your home business? For example, Nuclear Plant Management Consulting Services or Online Affiliate Marketing or Courier Services (FedEx Contractor).

Business Contact Information - Phone, Fax, Postal Mail:

For the world to see and contact you. This information is optional, but if you have a home business you will probably want to include some way for prospects to contact you. I can't guarantee you won't receive spam or other nuisance contacts, so please include business contact information only.


Phone: 555.555.5555

Mail: P.O. Box 00000, Anytown, State, USA

Home Business Website URL and Email Contact Address:

If you have a home business Web site, you're welcome to include its URL here. Up to two URLs are permitted, so you can include a blog URL if your blog is hosted on a separate server. Please be sure to include the full URL (http, etc.) and I'll take care of adding the link for you. 

More Information About this Home Business, Its Founders, Challenges, Joys:

Here you have a full 2500 characters to tell Home Business visitors what your business is all about. About Home Business visitors are especially interested in how your business came about, anything from your background that might have helped you become successful in your business, any special training or course work you might have taken, etc. This is really a chance for you to showcase your business, along with your personal story of your challenges, obstacles, and everyday joys you experience about owning and operating your home business.

This free form area also gives you an opportunity to tell us more about your home business, including information about your products and/or services and anything else you might want to point out.

Your text will be edited as necessary to comply with the character count requirement and for spelling and grammar, as well as for compliance with's style guidelines.

When you have all of your profile information ready, email it to me for consideration. While I can't guarantee when or if I'll publish your profile, if I do add it to the Home Business site I'll send you a return email with a link to your published profile so that you may include it in your email signature and/or on your Web site. Linking to your profile is not a requirement for publication.

Any information you provide will be held in strictest confidence until such time as it is published. By sending me your home business profile information, you consent to its publication on If you find any errors or have any concerns or questions about your profile, just let me know. While it's very easy for me to update information in your profile, deleting a profile is no easy task, so please don't submit your profile if you're planning to sell or discontinue the business.

Ready to Submit Your Home Business Profile?

Once you've gathered all the information necessary for me to build your profile, email it to me at Or, just send me an email to request the list of profile questions and I'll send the questions by return email that you can then fill in with your responses right in the body of your email message and send back to me. Really simple exposure for your home business, isn't it?