Royalty-Free Music for Your Real Estate Videos

Use Royalty-Free Music to Enhance Your Real Estate Videos

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As a real estate agent who produces my own marketing videos, I have found that if I match the music to the pace and content of the video, it adds interest and keeps the viewer involved. Whether you want real background sounds or just music, there are a number of websites that will sell you "royalty-free" tracks. It means that you'll pay for the sound, and you can use it over and over again, in many videos as you like, without paying royalty fees.

Individual Tracks

Websites like offer individual, royalty-free tracks if you're looking for very specific types of music. One of the best features of this type of service is that you can buy single tracks for $1 to over $100 each as of 2018, with plenty of options under $20. You can use single tracks in multiple videos, making the music purchase a very affordable marketing expense.

AudioJungle also has options for customers who make larger music purchases. Customers who buy large numbers of tracks can buy music packs or music kits that include music in separate files as building blocks (fill, intro, bridge, etc.) to create your own unique tracks. Downloads are available as either MP3 or WAV files for the individual tracks. 

I prefer to use classical guitar in my real estate videos because the tempo goes well with the content, which is footage nature and the mountain ranges around my area. I found a number of appropriate classical and Spanish guitar tracks at Jewel Box.

If you only make home tour videos, you may find that voice-overs and blocking out background sound work best for you. If you want music though, check out Jewel Beat and similar websites for thousands of tracks of all types of music.

Free Royalty-Free Music

Video sharing websites, such as YouTube, often provide account holders with a library of royalty-free music to add to their videos at no cost. This option works well for real estate agents making marketing videos on a budget. Typically, account holders upload their video footage—which can be moving or still images—onto the video site using the provided tools. Users edit their videos as desired and then press the appropriate buttons to hear royalty-free music options available to them. Some musicians require that the video maker give them credit for their work, while others do not. Such royalty-free tunes are available even for real estate agents who plan to monetize their tour videos.

Made for Real Estate Music

Companies like Pond5 sell royalty-free tunes made specifically for real estate videos. Site users can enter the keyword "real estate" into the search field and gain access to music deemed appropriate for real estate presentations. Pond5 tunes range in price from $20 to $100 as of 2018. The company also has public domain music available at no cost. The site provides music samples for customers to listen before they buy.