Matthew Hudson

••• Matthew Hudson.

Matthew Hudson is the lead of @hudsonhead a leading retail expert firm based in Texas. Matt's following on Twitter and media is one of the largest in the world for retail. @hudsonhead


After a 26 year career in retail working as a salesman all the way to CEO, Matthew Hudson is now the president of @hudsonhead, where he dedicates his time to helping small business owners realize their dreams. He is an award winning designer, author of 3 books – including The Retails Sales Bible and Signs Sell coauthored with Rick Segel- presented speeches on retail on 4 continents and frequent guest columnist on best practices for retail marketing and management He earned his PhD in Organization Behavior and is on several non-profit boards.

Matthew Hudson

Matt has been blessed with a wonderful career and now dedicates his life to helping others realize their dreams of owning their own small successful business. He has written hundreds of expert articles and created dozens of resources to help you run your business and they are all FREE.