Rick LeBlanc

Rick is a trade journalist, formerly an operations manager at a recycling cross dock facility and an occupational health and safety professional


Working within the consumer products supply chain, Rick has managed operations of a retail industry recyclable material sorting facility for over 20 years. He has reported on plastic and wood recycling as a trade journalist since 1995, and hosts a blog about reusable packaging, www.packagingrevolution.net.


Rick holds an Executive MBA degree from Simon Fraser University.

Rick LeBlanc

Recycling isn't just good business. From a social perspective it is urgent business. My goal is to guide you to understanding myriad of opportunities within the recycling industry, the technical, business and regulatory issues, and emerging trends that will shape the future. Our coverage is meant to provide basic information for the broad range of recycling industry participants. Please enjoy your visit to my site, learn all you can, and feel free to contact me for more information. Follow Rick on Facebook at AboutRecycling.