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Definition of SKU
What Is a Stock Keeping Unit?
Hand of woman sliding credit card through reader
Find Out What POS (Point of Sale) System Works Best For Your Business
Shoppers looking at items in mens clothing boutique
How Same-Store Sales Figures Are Used in Retail
Customer looking at mens accessories with shop owner in mens boutique
What Is Retail?
Man paying with credit card reader in shop
How Retail Merchandising Motivates Consumers to Spend
Young man looking up details on a tablet on the shops in a hardware warehouse for supplies , Business concept.
What Does Dead Stock Mean to Retailers?
Two shop owners in discussion in clothing boutique
Why Store Atmosphere Matters to Your Customers
Man shopping for candles in shop
The Role of Product Assortment in Your Retail Strategy
Staple Goods in Retail
What All Retailers Should Know About Staple Goods
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How Run of Paper (ROP) Benefits Your Business
Worker arranging shelves in store
Recovery, Facing or Zoning, Whatever You Call It, It's Important
Woman checking tag while shopping in clothing store that uses an odd-even pricing structure.
A Look at How Odd-Even Pricing Is Used in Retail and Why It Works
Worker with tablet computer in warehouse
What Is a Bill of Lading?
Woman shopping with coupons in grocery store
Coupons in Retail
Pile of tags that say "sale price" representing markdowns
Avoiding Markdowns Can Cost You Money
Man scanning codes with his smartphone.
Learn About Radio Frequency Information Device (RFID) in Retail
Man shopping, smelling spices in grocery store
What Is the Acid Test Ratio?
A shop assistant showing flatscreen TV to customer
What Are Hardline and Softline Goods in Retail?
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What Is a Category Killer?
break even point
What is Break-even Point in Retail?
Motorcycle shop owner working at laptop behind counter
Financial Terms You Need to Know in Retail
Female small business owner taking inventory with digital tablet
Do You Know How Long Products Are Staying in Your Store?
woman shopping at an anchor store
Purpose Behind Retail Anchor Stores