Real Estate Text Message Marketing is Effective

Text message sign rider example.
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Real estate text message marketing is a proven tool, but real estate professionals have been slow to adopt it. Perhaps it's because it became mainstream during the real estate and mortgage crash. We all have a whole lot less money for our marketing efforts. Or, perhaps it's a natural resistance to everything new that comes along, fearing getting taken by a sales pitch. However, the numbers are staggering:

  • 7.8 trillion SMS messages sent in 2011.
  • 9.6 trillion expected to be sent in 2012.
  • SMS is losing ground somewhat to MMS and mobile IM, but it's still king.

Actually, with that reference to mobile IM gaining ground, this article is even more valuable to you in your marketing decisions. I'm going to tell you about one resource for mobile marketing, and it's only one of many. However, it is one that puts a whole lot of pieces together for a very effective and cost-controlled mobile marketing plan. offers a suite of services for real estate agents to use mobile marketing to grow their business. These include more than just text messaging. I'm going to bullet the things you can do with mobile marketing as they specifically apply to your real estate business.

  • Place a sign rider offering listing information for each listing to text "yourkeyword" to ######, an assigned shortcode.
  • When the prospect texts in, they immediately receive a text message with the basic listing information. This could be price, bedrooms, baths, etc.
  • You can send an MMS response with an interior photo as well.
  • The prospect is automatically placed on a text messaging list for follow-up marketing.
  • You receive a text notification with their mobile number, so you can immediately call to offer more information if you desire.
  • Much like drip email, you can set up follow-up scheduled text messages to keep in contact or offer more information, services, or photos of that listing.
  • Follow-up texts can also be pre-scheduled to offer similar listings to the one they initially drove by.
  • Using forms on your website/blog, you can collect subscribers' names, email addresses, IM (Instant Messaging) addresses and mobile numbers for marketing.
  • Future marketing to this list can be set up to rotate through their contact methods, stopping when they respond by opening a text or IM.

There's more, but that's the quick reference list as to what you can do with a service like There's also email marketing as part of the package. Forget about brochure boxes and other antiquated information delivery methods. This service even provides custom QR codes for each listing.

People are very mobile these days, and they're accessing the Internet on mobile devices more and more. Your ability to build a list of mobile addresses for delivery of all types of marketing-related material and services will grow your business. Consider text messages with new listings that are in certain areas or price ranges. This system allows you to ask for additional information fields in your forms, or even two-way text with questions. If you can get their property requirements, you could send they alerts via text of new listings that are in their price range and/or areas of choice.

If you work with investors, you can set them up for alert texts that bring new foreclosure or value listings to their attention as soon as they hit the market. There are more advantages in mobile marketing, so if you're not doing it yet, get an education and get involved.