A Low Cost But High Return Real Estate Marketing Plan for New Agents

Any agent will benefit, but new agents can start fast and spend little.

Real estate marketing has changed quite a bit in the last few years. The Internet, blogging, and social networking have all had dramatic effects on how real estate professionals market themselves and their brokerages.

This series of articles will take the new agent, or the experienced agent who wants to improve their real estate marketing, through the steps to set up a killer Internet presence that will grow their business over time, and at a low cost compared to traditional print and media marketing.​​​

Your Web Presence - Some Truths and Myths

Inexpensive but Effective Internet Marketing for Real Estate
Inexpensive but Effective Internet Marketing for Real Estate. iStockPhoto

The successful real estate professional of the future will be someone who has embraced the Internet and it's power in reaching a vast audience. They will understand the importance of a web presence that positions them as the real estate expert in their area.

It's easy to find a great deal of advice from "gurus" about what you need for a website, how to get it up and running, and what type of content will draw visitors and increase search engine results. Just be aware that a great deal of this advice is geared toward selling you something.

I'm going to give you step-by-step instructions here that will cost you very little money, yet bring you a great deal of business in the future. Check out these truths and myths to start.

Using WordPress for Your Website

Realty Blogging Book
Realty Blogging

First, a blog is a website, so don't continue to think of them differently. There are differences in how they store and display content, but you can make a blog-based site look like the websites you're used to, but it will be easier for you to maintain yourself, saving a huge amount of money.

Blogs also do better with the search engines, so you'll be accomplishing multiple Internet marketing goals by using a blog for your site. And, there is no better platform than the absolutely free WordPress blogging software . Learn how to make it work here.​​

The Basics of Setting Up Your WordPress Site

Real estate blogger and community
Real Estate Blogging and Community. iStockPhoto

With some basic instruction, you can be up and running with a WordPress blog site in short order. This article series will get you started, and it will point you to help at WordPress.org to get all the help you need from their help files and a community of users numbering in the hundreds of thousands.​

Republishing Your Blog Posts In An Automated e-Newsletter

Real Estate e-Newsletter to Stay in Touch
Real Estate e-Newsletter to Stay in Touch. iStockPhoto

Once you're blogging, you have some great current content on your site. But, how do you get more people to read it? And, with so few using news readers for RSS feeds, how do you get it out to them? Learn in this article/review how to set up an automated e-newsletter that is delivered on your schedule to email subscribers. It will look good, and do away with the need for drip email to stay in touch.

Online Social Networking for Real Estate

Networking. iStockPhoto

Learn here about the most popular online networking sites, and the differences between them. They all have some value and, depending on your business niche and goals, you may want to concentrate more of your time on those you believe will work best for you.

More on Using Facebook and LinkedIn for Real Estate Marketing

Social Media Sites

These two are major networks for gaining business. Facebook is personal, friends, and social, while LinkedIn is business oriented. They both can help to grow your business. With the right strategies and tools, you can automatically feed your blog posts to these networks as well. This re-publishing of what you're posting in your blog is another way to amplify your web presence without doing more work.

Using Twitter for Micro Blogging Real Estate Alerts

Twitter Bird on Microphone
Twitter Bird on Microphone. iStockPhoto

Twitter is now the fastest growing online network, with a 1287% growth in the year leading up to its third birthday in March 2009. Learn how to use this free service to send out alerts with real estate news, trends and statistics.

Using the Twitter Two-fer Strategy for Content

Statistics graph
Statistics Graph. iStockPhoto

Sending out price and real estate statistics alerts is a great micro-blogging approach on Twitter. But, let's learn how to use those alerts again, automatically, and have them show up on your blog as a regularly updated alerts page.