Real Estate Business

You can make a lot of money by starting a real estate business, whether as a real estate agent or as an investor. Learn what it takes to become a real estate professional and start your own business, and how to succeed by using the latest technology, smart marketing, and proven real estate valuation methods.
Does Rent Stabilization Help or Hurt Tenants?
Examining a home
Find Out If Real Estate Agents Hate You for Being a Lookie-Loo
Real Estate Portfolio Sheet
The Real Estate Portfolio That Cash Flows
Potential investors may do an real estate analysis of this row of detached homes before investing in a project.
Understanding Real Estate Investment Analysis
Methods to Calculate and Negotiate Commercial Rent
Unimproved Land
Top 3 Types of Real Estate Property
Cardboard box on office floor with businesswoman in background.
What Does Estate for Years Mean in Real Estate?
Office buildings and skyscrapers
How Does a Commercial Triple Net Lease Work?
Discussing Plans with Real Estate Agent
Here's the New Agent's Guide to the Broker Price Opinion (BPO)
Real estate agent and businesswoman customer
RESPA Doesn't Cover All Loan Types
A real estate agent shows a home to a senior couple
What Is the Bundle of Legal Rights of a Property Owner?
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4 Common Types of Commercial Leases
house lot to property ratio
How to Calculate the Land to Building Ratio
View to multi-family house with fire escape staircases at blue hour, 3D Rendering
Zoning and Land Use Codes—Are They Necessary?
Real estate purchase agreement with contingencies
What Is a Contingency in a Real Estate Contract?
real estate assistant work under supervision of licensed agents
What Can an Unlicensed Real Estate Assistant Do?
Couple reviewing a special warranty deed with a businessman
What Is a Special Warranty Deed?
Man standing in field admiring imaginary house
Unimproved Land in Real Estate
comparative market value (CMA)
The Real Estate CMA
Office buildings and skyscrapers
How to Price Office Space
Fencing surrounding housing subdivision
What are Real Estate Encumbrances?
Couple with realtor looking at new home
What is an Amendment to a Real Estate Contract?
Realtor holding a real estate contract shaking hands with a buyer.
Learn About the Elements of a Legally Valid Real Estate Contract
Couple signing paperwork
Landlord and Tenant Share a Split of Expenses in Modified Net Leases
Negotiation between two adults
Learn About the Real Estate Referral Agent and How They Earn Fees
man signing loan document in front of banker
Guide to Real Estate Contract Amendments and Addendums
man signing loan document in front of banker
The General Warranty Deed Explained
Investing in real estate rental properties
Periodic Tenancy in Real Estate Explained
Image shows two people looking out of a long window of a condo. Text reads: "Is condo ownership right for you? Benefits: Easy to resell, no exterior maintenance needed, cheaper insurance and utilities. Drawbacks: Recurring condo dues, restrictive rules, personalization isn't always allowed"
The Pros and Cons of Condo Ownership
Senior man gardening, picking flowers in his garden
What Is Fee Simple Ownership?
Person stretching s dollar
How Real Estate Agents Get Paid
Commercial building in strip mall available for lease
Commercial Real Estate Gross Lease is Also Known as Full-Service Lease
Real estate agent talking on a cellphone in front of a "for sale" sign
What Is Real Estate Farming?
Improvement Location Report
When You Need an Improvement Location Certificate in Real Estate
Woman holding up a lot of cash representing a referral fee.
Referral Fees in Real Estate Brokerage
Couple shaking hands with real estate agent at open house
What a Bargain and Sale Deed Conveys and When It's Used
Home buyers writing a check with an agent holding a key.
A Look at How Earnest Money Is Handled in Real Estate
Person playing chess using houses as pieces representing real estate disputes.
Real Estate Mediation and Arbitration for Disputes
Suburban street new row houses
Real Estate Office Risk Management Requires Detailed Record-Keeping
House key on a house shaped keychain resting on wooden floorboards concept for real estate, moving home or renting property
Learn What "Procuring Cause" Is in Real Estate
business man shaking hands with real estate agent in commercial space
What Are Fiduciary Duties in Real Estate?
Commercial building in strip mall available for lease
Capitallization Rate in Real Estate
Notebook and calculator
What Is an Acceptable Loan to Value (LTV) Ratio in Commercial Lending?
defeasible fee real estate
What is Defeasible Fee in Real Estate?
Man building a wife roof on a new house
What Is Improved Land?
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How a Commission Split Works in Real Estate
one person handing keys to another
Leasehold Estates in Real Estate
real estate agent on the phone at a desk in front of a laptop
What Is a Real Estate Independent Contractor?
man signing loan document in front of banker
What Are the Different Types of Commercial Loans?
Home closing paperwork
What's the Difference Between a Real Estate Agency and Sub-Agency?
Neighbours chatting outside duplex
What Is a Duplex Property?
African American neighbors greeting each other over fence
Can You Use Another Person's Land for a Road?
Couple signing property contract with real-estate agent
How an Agency Is Created in Real Estate
Realtor giving man keys to new house
Learn About Real Estate Agents as Independent Contractors
Real estate concept - businessman signs contract behind home architectural model
What Types of Loans Are Regulated by RESPA?
Couple signing paperwork at a real estate closing.
Is a Survey Always Necessary for a Real Estate Closing?
Father and son looking at house for sale
How to Use a Lease Purchase to Buy Property
Real estate agent discussing property documents to his clients
The Definition of Vicarious Liability in Real Estate Agency
Home concept,Businessmen holding home keys
How Real Estate Agents are Compensated: Commissions and Different Models
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How Straight-Line Depreciation in Real Estate Saves Taxes