QuickBooks Shortcut Keys: General

General QuickBooks Shortcut Keys

Quickbooks Pro 2014
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You should never take shortcuts when it comes to your work. However, the exception to this rule comes with QuickBooks shortcut keys. You can use QuickBooks shortcut keys to help you improve your efficiency with this accounting software program. If you are familiar with the shortcuts keys in other Windows products such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, then you are one step ahead in the game. Many of these QuickBooks shortcut keys are the same as the shortcut keys in other Windows-based applications. By committing these QuickBooks shortcut keys to memory, you can memorize custom accounting reports, edit QuickBooks invoices easily, and toggle between multiple windows with speed.

What is a shortcut key?
Shortcut keys help provide and easier (and usually quicker) method of navigating through and using software programs.

How to use shortcut keys
Shortcut keys can typically be used by using CTRL or SHIFT in conjunction with a single letter. So when a shortcut described as "CTRL + E" is telling you to press control, and while continuing to hold control, press the "E" key to perform the shortcut.

General QuickBooks shortcut keys
You can use the following QuickBooks shortcut keys at various points throughout this small business accounting software program to help with tasks such as displaying information about QuickBooks, opening a new company file, and canceling processes.

Function: To start QuickBooks without a company file
Shortcut: CTRL + double-click (while opening)

Function: To suppress the desktop windows (at Open Company window)
Shortcut: ALT (while opening)

Function: Display information about QuickBooks
Shortcut: F2

Function: To cancel current process
Shortcut: ESC

Function: To close active window
Shortcut: ESC or CTRL + F4

Function: Record (when black border is around OK, Next, or Prev button)
Shortcut: ENTER

Function: Record (always)
Shortcut: CTRL + ENTER

Function: Close QuickBooks
Shortcut: ALT + F4

Will these QuickBooks shortcut keys work in all QuickBooks versions?
Yes, these shortcut keys will work in all versions of QuickBooks. You can be using QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks for Contractors, or any other version, and these QuickBooks shortcut keys will work.

More QuickBooks Shortcuts
You can find other QuickBooks shortcut keys below to help you with many other tasks:

As you can see there are QuickBooks shortcut keys for all functions within the QuickBooks program, so as you become familiar with one set of shortcuts, you should come back and revisit the next area. You will generally learn better if you tackle one of these areas at a time. You may also want to bookmark this page or add it to your favorites, if you use QuickBooks frequently. It is also good to come brush up on these shortcuts periodically so you can remind yourself of the shortcuts in QuickBooks that are designed to make your job easier.

These shortcuts take time to learn
QuickBooks shortcut keys can be very useful, although they take time to commit to memory and to learn when is the best time to use them for the tasks you need to perform. If you take the time to commit these shortcut keys to memory, then you will find that QuickBooks will become easier to use and sometimes you are even faster than before you learned these shortcuts. In fact, these QuickBooks shortcuts may just help you get you get your work done so early that you may short cut your day into going home early - okay, maybe not, but you will get more efficient with using QuickBooks to free up time for other tasks.