Property Investing Basics

Have you ever thought about investing in real estate? Learn what to consider before making your investment, as well as the various types of rental properties and financing options available to you.
Businessman from city skyscraper pouring money from watering can into housing development
9 Ways to Make Money in Real Estate
Good Property Management Contract
6 Essential Parts of a Property Management Contract
Man and woman standing in room under renovation
The Pros and Cons of Flipping a Property
Picture of Pros and Cons of Buying Real Estate With Hard Money
Using Hard Money to Purchase Investment Property
Row of miniature houses and dollar sign
These Are the Practical Steps to Make Money Flipping a House
Sydney University
Pros and Cons of Property Investing and Renting in College Towns
Picture of Important HUD Housing Programs for Landlords
3 Government Housing Programs Every Landlord Should Know
Couple meeting with a property manager to view a rental property.
4 Types of Interview Questions for Property Managers
an older couple smiling together
Why Buying a Home in a Senior Community Can Be a Good Investment
Repainting and renovating an apartment room
Building Superintendents: Job Responsibilities and Duties
Picture of Deducting Improvements vs. Repairs on Your Taxes
Difference Between Improvements and Repairs on Your Taxes
Responsibilities of a Property Manager
What Is a Property Manager?
Picture of Ending a Contract With a Property Manager
Steps for Terminating a Property Management Agreement
Picture of Reasons an Income Property Is a Great Investment
Why You Should Consider Income Property as an Investment
Couple looking at postings of rental properties for sale homes
How to Find Rental Properties for Sale
Black woman in coat holding keys
The Complete Guide to Property Managers
Man sitting a his desk in front of a computer writing in a notepad
9 Key Factors to Consider When Investing in Property
Picture of What Landlords Can Deduct on Taxes
12 Items Landlords Can Deduct at Tax Time
Picture of Steps for Choosing Countertop for Investment Property
Essential Steps When Selecting a Countertop for Your Rental
Picture of What Type of Flooring Is Best for a Rental
How to Choose the Right Flooring Material for Your Rental
A Couple Working on Home Improvements
How to Enhance the Value of Your Property
House with a for sale sign in the yard
Things to Avoid Saying When Writing a Short Sale Hardship Letter
High Angle View Of Cityscape Against Sky
3 Reasons Your Property Value Could Decrease
Picture of Sheriff's Sale Basics
Tips to Buy Foreclosed Property at a Sheriff's Sale
Single mother playing with young sons in front of house
What Is a Freehold Estate?
man explaining quiet title paperwork to family
Clearing Title With a Quiet Title Action
Picture of Flipping House as Primary Residence
The Good and Bad of Flipping Your Primary Residence
Team assessing space in an office
9 Questions to Help Decide If You Should Hire a Property Manager
Main page of LoopNet investment property for sale website
7 Places to Buy Investment Property Online
Picture Finished Basement Adds Value to Property
8 Reasons to Finish Your Basement Now
Picture of landlord looking at file at her desk.
These Are the Important Tax Time Records All Landlords Should Keep
Couple with a real estate agent looking at a short sale house.
7 Potential Risks of Purchasing a Short Sale
Picture of 4 Things to Look at Before Buying Rental Property
Look at These 4 Factors Before Buying an Investment Property
3D rendering, Family home with drawings of home dangers
What Insurance Do Landlords and Property Investors Need?