Point2Agent Websites for Real Estate Professionals

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Point2Homes offers its Point2Agent product to real estate agents. The service allows real estate agents to set up mobile-friendly websites with blogs and social sharing options. The product also includes email newsletter creation tools to help agents grow their business. If you're a real estate agent, think of it as your comprehensive back office staffed with tech-savvy twenty-year-olds.

About the Product

Visit Point2Agent's website and you'll see that the beauty of the product is that it makes it possible for real estate agents to create full-service websites to market their listings and services online. Agents pay as little as $19.90 a month to as much as $129.90 per month for bundles of marketing tools that include customized email addresses, prospecting tools, website analytics, and easy WordPress blog setup. Agents can also feature listings on their Point2Agent websites, and include additional photographs and details about homes, and then market listings to a wide online audience through Point2Agent's customized Facebook app.

Point2Agent Pros

  • Templates for a website, blog, and newsletter that can easily be customized to fit your needs.
  • Blogs that can be integrated into your existing website for broader web reach.
  • An available listing syndication on high traffic websites such as Zillow and Yahoo! Homes.
  • Virtual tour offerings so buyers can see the property virtually first-hand.
  • Search engine optimization that will improve your web ranking.
  • Mortgage calculators that take the worry out of math.
  • Available lead capture forms.

Advanced Features 

  • Templates are available with a number of customization options to personalize your business.
  • A professional-level blogging platform for blogging beginners, or the availability of multiple blogs that can be incorporated into your website.
  • Easy-to-setup listing brochures and presentations that can be converted into high-quality PDF brochures.
  • Free advertising listing.

Point2Agent Cons

  • The listings syndication can be inconsistent.
  • The blog customization is limited to the WordPress platform.

The Overall Value of Using Point2Agent 

The company's real estate solutions provide significant value for most real estate agents. In particular, the easy-to-setup blog on the WordPress platform is something most real estate agents can make use of in today's digital world. Of course, the blog is only included at the professional level offering, which costs $54.90/month, but it is well worth it if you want to broaden your reach. Sharing regular blog posts is an excellent way to engage with people and can propel your website to a higher page ranking when it comes to search engine results.

Syndicating listings is an absolute requirement in today's internet-intensive real estate search environment. The company provides a long list of websites to which it syndicates listings and is considered the largest real estate listing syndication network available today. If you find some of the websites didn't list homes in your area (especially if it's remote), consider that a data feed is just that. Meaning, you should have the same syndication in Taos, New Mexico, as a real estate agent in New York City. In the end, if a template-based website solution is in your marketing plans, Point2Agent certainly deserves a careful examination.