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Looking for the right plastic pallet supplier? There are a range of benefits associated with plastic pallets. To read a list of benefits associated with plastic pallets, click here.

Plastic pallets are increasingly popular in a number of applications, and depending upon which type of job you are talking about, the requirements of the pallet can vary. Before listing pallet vendors below, let's take a look at the major types of applications.

Durable plastic pallets for applications involving warehouse racking and stacking. High quality plastic pallets are prized for their extreme durability and precise manufacture. They come in a variety of edge racking and load capacity ratings. Based on your application, vendors will match a product that meets your needs. Additional features may be of interested such as flame retardant additives, design for ease of washing, as well as other features. In food production environments, Barium sulphate may be added to a pallet so that X-ray detectors will identify and broken pallet particles that find their way into food production.

Likewise, metal flake added to a plastic pallet will enable any broken pallet particles to be identified by a metal detector. (To read more about plastic pallet features, read my article here.)

Distribution pallets provide durable performance, but may not be suitable for stacking or edge racking. Another well established application is the use of plastic pallets for distribution. Plastic distribution pallets are extremely popular for grocery products distribution to retail stores. Another well established application is with the U.S. Postal Service. Distribution pallets are typically thermoform pallets or injection molded. To learn more about the various processes used to manufacture plastic pallets, follow this link.

Oftentimes, distribution pallets are not suitable for racking, and are more properly labelled as skids rather than pallets. Read this article to understand the basic differences.

Lightweight shipping or export pallets eliminate concerns of ISPM-15 compliance. Inexpensive lightweight pallets have become increasingly popular in the role of export pallets, where the avoid any issues around ISPM-15 requirements for timber pallets. (See my article on ISPM-15 requirements for pallets and wood packaging here.) Pricing for lightweight export pallets can start around the $10 range, however, companies often pay more to ensure a better performing pallet where the demands of the application make it prudent.

Pricing Range

In terms of price, durable plastic pallets are often start in the $50 to $80 or more range while lightweight export pallets begin in the $10 range for truckload quantities. Distribution pallet pricing is more in the mid-range between these two extremes. To read my discussion of basic pallet pricing, click here.

I have assembled a list of pallet suppliers below. Some of these vendors I have known for years as being highly reputable. Others I have just uncovered through web search. Usual due diligence is recommended before embarking upon any relationship with companies listed below.

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