PlanGrid Construction and Field Engineer App Review

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New apps are being developed every day, but this great construction app can make the difference and will save your time and money. Construction still developing new tools to have better access to construction documents while at the field. Large blueprints can sometimes be tough to handle and making annotations in the field is harder. However now that technology has arrived, apps such as PlanGrid are creating a great way to keep everyone informed about latest changes, progress, RFI’s, and keep your hands relatively free, only by using an Ipad or an iPhone.

PlanGrid on the Cloud

PlanGrid is a relatively easy to use app that will manage and keep all your construction team members up to date with the latest revision of drawings. PlanGrid allows you to publish your latest drawing to a cloud server and share them with all your team members. It also has the capability of having old versions of the same drawing and will alert you when viewing an outdated drawing. This construction app offers a secure connection to upload, view, and manage your online drawings.

PlanGrid Benefits

  • Easy to access complete full set of drawings in the field
  • Track changes to drawing immediately
  • Insert photos of progress being made into the drawing
  • Make annotation directly into the drawing and share them with the rest of the team
  • Share a full-size drawing, a packet or a selected screenshot area
  • Prepare a share RFI instantly directly from field
  • Push recent changes to construction drawings
  • Ideal to create as-built or record drawings
  • Allows interacting with multiple revisions and seeing when those revisions were created or modified
  • Spec and Schedules can also be uploaded
  • Add, delete or modify punch list items
  • Project documents when synced are transferred directly to the iPhone/iPad and will be stored directly so no need to have internet access
  • Uploaded specifications, schedules, RFIs and change orders do not count towards storage limit
  • Sheets can be tagged with specific keyword for best search results
  • Non-PlanGrid users can also be able to access drawings once they are emailed with the shared information
  • Members are divided into collaborators or administrators
  • Photos automatically record the user who took the photo, the date it was taken, and the drawing it was pinned to
  • Built-in measuring tool allowing you to measure and get accurate information from drawings
  • Private notes can also be made, and will not be visible to other team members
  • PlanGrid is protected by 256 bit SSL end to end encryption between your browser and our servers.

PlanGrid Cons

  • It only accepts PDF’s drawings
  • Drawing cannot be modified using CAD tools
  • When a screenshot or packet is shared, the scale of the shared portion is no longer valid.
  • PDF’s uploaded cannot be rotated
  • Is not available on Android platform
  • In able to view drawings from projects still in the cloud, you will need either a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection to download them to your device.

PlanGrid Pricing

The PlanGrid app offers three levels of pricing:

  • Free- Up to 50 sheets of storage
  • Second Level- $19.99/month per user and up to 550 sheets of storage
  • Third level-$49.99/month per user and up to 5000 sheets of storage

Disclosure: The company provided free access to this service for review purposes.