Philippe Dozolme

Philippe is a Mining and Explosives specialist with 13 years of experience, and has been an independent consultant since 2007.

He has extensive mining operation experience with broad exposure to various exploration, drill & blast and processing methods & technologies, and is a regular contributor to professional magazines such as International Mining magazine. He also serves as Managing Editor for Skillings Mining Review. Skillings Mining Review has been covering the mining of metallic ores since 1912.


In the 90’s, Philippe played an instrumental role in spreading electronic initiation worldwide. He was the first to introduce remote wireless technologies to initiate explosives, which is now acknowledged to be a major contribution to safety and operational standards throughout the industry.

After founding and running the Chile-based LATAM branch for the leader in the African explosives market and blasting engineering services, he served as its Head of Sales and Marketing.

As a consultant, Philippe provides the banking sector and private equity firms with valuation of mineral projects or due diligence services in mining-related merger and acquisitions. He also assists mining suppliers and mining groups with risk analysis, legal and environmental assessments, market intelligence and business development strategies. He serves customers in Europe, Africa, South America and the Middle East, and recently entered the Southern Asian market.


In 1997, Philippe earned a Master’s degree in Commerce and Administration with a specialization in Industrial Dynamics from Paris University.

He holds a Master's degree in International & European Law and is an alumnus of the French Institute of Higher National Defence Studies where he earned a tertiary degree in explosives engineering.

Philippe has given presentations, and has taught seminars and courses in over 15 different countries about operational and technical aspects, economics, legal and health & safety issues linked to the introduction of advanced technologies in mining operations.

Philippe is a member of the International Society of Explosives Engineers.

Philippe Dozolme

It is all about passion for mining and miners!

I hope I can succeed in sharing with you this ever-developing unparalleled human adventure. You will hardly find a subject more tightly related with the rise, greatness and fall of the most ancient and preeminent civilizations. And which is still a central pillar of the worldwide economy.