Nonprofit Writing 101: Fundraising to Social Media

Special Writing for Special Causes

We have all received a fundraising appeal that went right to our heart with its direct language, touching stories, and a call to action we could not resist.

So who does that writing? A small army of people could be writing for a nonprofit, from copywriters to grant writers, to people specializing in social media content. Today's nonprofit writer has to cover a lot of bases and be technically proficient as well. Content, from letters to Facebook posts, rules the nonprofit world just as surely as it does the commercial sphere.

Here are some guidelines, tips, and samples that you and your staff can draw on to make you best pitches to the people who support you.

Writing to Fundraise

Autism Speaks Fundraising Event.
Autism Speaks

Fundraising is the center of your nonprofit life. Most donations are made by individuals, not companies, not foundations. Being able to reach your donors' hearts makes all the difference. Check out these guides to writing for donors.

How to Use Personality Theory to Reach More Readers

How to Make Your Fundraising Letters Personable, Specific, and Easy-to-Read

Examples of Direct Mail Fundraising Letters that Reach the Heart

10 Tips for Writing Better Donor Thank You Letters

5 Thank You Letters that Donors Will Love

How to Write Stories that Will Capture Donors' Hearts 

Writing for Nonprofit Public Relations/Marketing

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Just because we live in a social media world doesn't mean that all the older forms of media have disappeared. You'll need to be muti-dimensional and keep writing like a PR/marketing pro. These articles will help you be a PR ninja.

Sample Press Release for Nonprofit

6 Content Ideas to Make Your Nonprofit Website Pop

Writing an Annual Report That Appeals to Today's Donors

How to Write the Ultimate Nonprofit Mission Statement

Examples of  Knock Your Socks Off Mission Statements

Grant Writing

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Although grant writing is not a financial cure-all, most successful charities do include grants in their fundraising plans. Writing an effective grant proposal is both an art and a science. Dig in with these tips.

How to Write a Winning Grant Proposal in 11 Steps

8 Ways to Become a Super Organized Grant Writer

How to Develop a Grant Proposal Writing Process

How to Write a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) to a Foundation (Plus Example)

Writing for Social Media

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Writers today have had to add social media skills to their toolboxes. Don't underestimate the care needed for social media, from Facebook to Mobile.  It requires writing talent, the ability to strategize, and technical know-how.  Here's how to do it all well.

11 Steps to a Successful Nonprofit Social Media Strategy

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Email Writing

Save the Children raises funds with a matching gift appeal.
Screenshot from Save the Children Email

Email is so not dead! It is, in fact, one of the most efficient ways to market anything, including good causes. Email is useful for newsletters, fundraising appeals, and thank you notes. Here are some ways to make the most of are some ways to make the most of your charity's email.

Email Newsletters That Make People Want to Give

How to Thank a Donor by Email - 5 Best Practices

Examples of Email Thank-You Letters

Online Fundraising: A Startup Guide

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