Michael Seid

Michael Seid
••• Michael Seid, Managing Director, MSA Worldwide.

Michael H. Seid, CPA and managing director of MSA Worldwide, is a senior operations officer, financial executive, consultant and accountant for companies within the franchise, retail, restaurant, hospitality, healthcare, education and service industries

  • Member of the Board of Directors, International Franchise Association
  • Author of Franchise Management for Dummies and Franchising for Dummies


Michael H. Seid wrote about franchises for The Balance from 2015 to 2017. He has been a consultant to the franchise industry since 1987, and lectured at universities and law schools including St. Thomas University, Georgetown Law School, MIT Sloan School of Management and Harvard Business School. 

A certified public accountant, Seid has authored and co-authored books on franchising, including Franchising for Dummies, 2nd Edition and Franchising for Dummies, 1st Edition, which he co-wrote with Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s International. His firm MSA Worldwide is a member of the International Franchise Association, and Seid serves on the organization's board of directors and several of its committees. He's also served on the board of directors of the William Rosenberg International Center of Franchising at the University of New Hampshire.


Bachelor's degree, accounting and marketing, Long Island University

Certified Public Accountant, state of New York