Job Description for Medical Administrative Assistant

Medical laboratory assistant checking record
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The office job of a Medical Secretary or a Medical Administrative Assistant is very similar to the office job of an Administrative Assistant or Executive Secretary in a regular office. In a medical office or a health-related industry (e.g. health insurance company), special skills such as claims management, medical records filing procedures, knowledge of medical terminology, clinical procedures, appointment scheduling and compliance with special medical regulation required.

Medical Secretary/Administrative Assistant in a Small Office

In a small medical office, one or two people will perform the roles of several different functions. 

This will include patient scheduling, patient call backs, medical records filing and filing insurance claims. The person that will excel at this medical office job will be extremely organized and be able to multitask.

Medical Secretary/Administrative Assistant in a Medium Office

In a medium-sized office that services from two to six medical professionals, the dynamics of the office change significantly. One or two people will not be able to perform all the tasks to keep the office functioning efficiently. Other specialized office jobs will have to be filled that include:

  • Patient Registration
  • Admissions Clerk
  • Medical File Clerk
  • Medical Transcriptionist
  • Medical Records Technician
  • Medical Customer Service Representative

Medical Secretary/Administrative Assistant in a Large Office

At the next level of a large medical office or medical complex that services ten or more medical professionals (e.g. acute care facilities, medical parks or hospitals) the number of specialized office jobs increases even more. 

Additional office jobs may include:

  • Enrollment Specialist
  • Insurance Claim Coordinator
  • Medical Receptionist
  • Medical Office Administrator
  • Medical Executive Assistant
  • Medical Data Entry Specialist
  • Senior Medical Customer Service Representative
  • Surgery/Procedure Scheduler
  • Credentialing Specialist