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Why Is Marketing a Medical Billing Business so Hard?

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Simple. Most people who start a home based medical billing business don't come from a marketing or sales background. Let's get even more real shall we? Even those who know how to market or sell don't like to do so and FEAR is the number one reason why!

Can I Hire A Company To Market My Medical Billing Business For Me?

Ha! I bet if you do a search right now on your favorite search engine for marketing companies it would return thousands of results but you will quickly notice that there are only a handful of companies nationally that actually claim they will market medical billing businesses.

However, I am telling you right now that you will not be able to afford them on a startup medical billing business budget and even if you did have the funds, these companies DO NOT guarantee that they will be able to set appointments or land a medical billing services client for you.

What these marketing firms DO guarantee is that they will reach out to an agreed amount of prospective clients (interested or not) about your medical billing business and they will give you reports with whom they spoke, when they spoke, what the outcome was and any other jewels of information that they learned while speaking with the client. Are you kidding?

It takes me about 5 - 7 minutes to do the exact same thing using a phone book so why would I spend hard-earned money having someone do it for me at astronomical prices?

Time to get real again! Marketing a medical billing services business is a learned process that you first encounter in books, then put what you learned into practice, and then expand on what you learned through constant repetition.

How Do I Learn To Market A New Home-Based Medical Billing Business?

Over the years I have seen a total of four books in the marketplace that claim to show you how to market your home-based medical billing business yourself, but I must be upfront with you.They all sucked! Not because they were poorly written, but because the authors really didn't want to let the cat out of the bag so they beat around the bush by supplying outdated information.

Marketing and sales are forever changing beasts and what works for one market might not for another. Health care is another beast that changes from month to month and quarter to quarter. So you need to tune into your prospective clients’ needs and how the market is affecting them so that you will be able to entice them to listen to you on the phone, read your fliers and brochures, pick you over the other medical billing businesses listed in the phone book, etc.

I know exactly what you are going through because I and every medical billing business associate I know have experienced and lived your pain! Fortunately, today there is help, thanks to a handful of medical billing organizations. I tell people all the time that by joining at least one medical billing organization they will be exposed to all the marketing advice they can handle for their business.

There is nothing like interacting with people of like minds that understand where you are, know where you should be going and who are willing to help you get there with the least amount of stress and expense. You will only get that through joining in a medical billing organization so sign up for one today and learn more about marketing your medical billing business!

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