Martin Murray

Martin Murray is senior supply chain management consultant and author of several books on the subject of supply chain using enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. He has been the expert for logistics and supply chain since 2008.


Martin's career began in England developing supply chain software for a multi-national beverage company. Since relocating to the US, his experience over the last seventeen years includes managing multi-national supply chain and ERP implementation projects in a number of industries, including aerospace and defense, pharmaceutical, electronics, chemical and consumer product goods (CPG).
Martin has published eight books on supply chain topics in ERP software and his articles have appeared in a number of publications, including SCM Expert and Maritime Gateway.

Martin Murray

The supply chain covers a wide range of subjects to discover. There are constantly new developments to help businesses achieve ever greater efficiencies. I believe that anyone who contributes to a company's supply chain can benefit from learning more about their chosen field. I am pleased to be able to guide you through the subject of supply chain and to provide information and news on advances in the subject.

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