Marketing Letter Example: Freelance Writer's Sample

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Having a marketing letter example to follow will be valuable to the freelance writer in two instances: either you're undertaking writing a marketing letter for yourself, as part of your marketing efforts, or you've been hired to create one for someone else. Either way, this sample is for you!

In the past, we've talked about marketing via cold calls, cold emails, LOIs and even hard copy mail.

One of the advantages of hard copy mail is that it's slightly harder to get rid of (no simple delete button), it must be handled. However, this means that the hard copy letter has to really shine. Your purpose, sales pitch, and background have to be right on.

Following is an example pitch letter that was specifically targeted and sent to a well-researched list of related organizations. This letter garnered a 5% response rate and two projects. One of the projects turned into an ongoing relationship.

The letter is formatted to make it easy for the executive to skim. It has wide swaths of white space and puts key ideas at the front of each sentence. The top features my contact details and branding quite clearly, but contact details are repeated at the bottom, too. The letter as shown is addressed to a general organization, but finding your exact target person is always a better idea- this makes it even harder to throw away your marketing collateral and easier for you to follow up later via email or a phone call!

Marketing Letter Sample

Dearest Name of Organization,

I want to be your freelance contractor for (insert your niche/specialties). I'm banking on the likelihood that there will be a time when you need (insert your service) from a communications professional who can provide a fresh approach to your organization's (type of products you produce). And, when that time comes, I want you to think of this letter.

(Start the sell)We both know that your staff provides a wide array of skills and abilities that make them and you successful. But, another truth is that contractor consultants can provide a nuanced approach to any project, can often complete projects expeditiously, and may cost your organization a whole lot less.

The universal way to make written communication efficient is approachability. As a (their type of organization), you know that your audience is unique, and this means that the method of approach must also be unique. I understand (their market), the values and ethos of your customers, but I also understand that every person and every piece of communication collateral is different, too.

(BRIEF background/qualifications) In 2006 I made two decisions that changed the trajectory of my career. I started writing for (name of publication) focused on (their specialty, if applicable). I also left my position as a (insert full-time job or other background here) at (Company) in order to establish a full service written communications firm. Since then, I've conquered (insert their market). I've written on (insert your specialties or their market) and other subjects for clients such as (use your biggest and best names here) and others. I'm adept at (types of products/writing/services).

(Their action item) I encourage and ask you to join me in my respect for the environment by visiting my resume and portfolio online at (your site) where you will find samples, glowing references, and an educational history.

I'd love to provide you with some advice on any upcoming projects and to answer any questions you may have. Thanks kindly for your time.