Marketing Careers With the Best Future Outlook

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Are you looking to start your career path in marketing or perhaps even make a career shift and find something that inspires you? The landscape of marketing has changed over the last decade. Many of the positions that are in demand where not around in the beginning of 2000. You don't have to be a new graduate to land one of these jobs; you just have to understand them and use your marketing experience to hone the skills necessary to become an expert in these areas.

Areas that everyone should keep an eye on include the areas of digital marketing, multichannel marketing, and e-commerce. We've seen growth in jobs that intertwine the technical with marketing skills, so companies are looking for individuals that can bring both to the table. It doesn't mean that you have to be a programmer, but you have to understand and have a strong grasp of the technical fundamentals. As a marketing professional, you have no choice but to get involved in the digital world if you want to continue to grow your career and be employable in the future.

Digital Marketing

Digital spending is booming, and more companies are putting their dollars towards digital marketing rather than the traditional marketing techniques they used in the past. According to eMarketer, a record $9.3 billion dollars was spent on internet advertising. Digital marketing includes social media, copywriting, analytics, creative design, mobile marketing including application development.

Common titles in digital marketing include:

  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Digital or Online Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketing Copywriter
  • Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Digital Product Manager
  • Digital Marketing Project Manager

Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel marketing is becoming extremely importantĀ because we as consumers expect it. Multichannel marketing is offering consumers more than one way to purchase a product or a service. For example, a product beingĀ offered in a retail store as well as being offered online. Can you see how having someone who specializes in this type of marketing would be valuable?

Multichannel marketing can also involve using partners to sell services and goods. These partners could be consultants, repackagers, affiliates and even retailers. I like the way that Eddie Bauer describes multichannel marketing - "brick, click and flip." Brick meaning retail stores, click meaning online shopping and flip standing for their catalog marketing efforts. Common titles in multichannel marketing include:

  • Business Technology Manager
  • Multichannel Marketing Manager
  • Multichannel Integration Manager
  • Channel Marketing Specialist
  • Multichannel Analyst
  • Channel Marketing Director

Ecommerce Marketing

If I had mentioned e-commerce 15 years ago, many would have had no idea what I was talking about. People buying online? No way. Well, here we are, and e-commerce has stabilized. Consumers purchase more online, and if they aren't purchasing, they are at least spending time there researching products and services. Companies are on the lookout for marketing professionals that can help them with their online sales and online conversions. E-commerce is an area in marketing that encompasses marketing, information technology, and business.

It's a great career choice for those that not only enjoy the creative side of marketing but also enjoy digging into and analyzing data. Common titles in e-commerce marketing include:

  • Director of E-commerce
  • Director of E-business
  • E-commerce Strategist
  • Conversion Optimization Specialist
  • Internet Marketing Specialist
  • E-commerce Analyst
  • Web Marketing Manager
  • eCRM Campaign Specialist
  • Web Merchandising Specialist

The marketing industry has had a tough time when it has come to employment, but as our economy has recovered, many of the companies that let their marketing staff go a few years ago are realizing that perhaps that wasn't the best business decision and they are bringing them back. As a marketer, the more skills you bring to the table the chances of being employable and the candidate selected for a position increases.

We are unlike many industries; we are cannot sit back on our laurels. We must stay on our game, stay in tune, and stay trained up. It will guarantee that you will always land in positions that are not only fulfillingĀ but bring you financial rewards as well.