Make Money Selling Stuff on eBay From Your Own Kitchen

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According to a 2011 study from research firm NPD, the average American family has about $7,000 worth of unused stuff that can be sold online. That is a lot of money lying around in closets, drawers, basements, and garages. Maybe you are thinking decorative collectibles, jewelry, or expensive hand- bags are the only things worth selling on eBay. If you take some time and comb your house top to bottom, you will find all sorts of items that have value in the eBay marketplace — items that may just seem like worthless junk to the average person. 

Most people start selling on eBay with things just around the house. You can sell almost anything on eBay, but you will need to understand how to determine what an item is worth in the eBay marketplace. Here is a video showing how to figure out how much an item can sell for on eBay. Once you start selling on eBay, you just need to keep your eyes open and your antennas up — cash is hiding right in your home and you just don’t realize it. 

Repurposing Gives Mundane Items Value on eBay

Keep in mind that collectible, rare, and vintage items will usually bring a higher price, but don’t ignore items that appear ordinary and utilitarian. There is a huge movement right now towards repurposing broken or obsolete items. (If you are a Pinterest user, think of the items you have seen made out of all kinds of old junk.) Something may look obsolete or unusable to you, but it could be exactly what a crafter or DIY person is looking for. And they will pay you good money for these seemingly worthless items. 

Everybody has cabinets and drawers full of items they don’t use in their kitchen. Look around and see if you have any of these items. It is best to focus on items easy to ship when you first start on eBay. If you are new to eBay, you may want to put fragile items aside until you are familiar with the process.

Pampered Chef Items

Ladies, how many of your friends have held a Pampered Chef party, invited you, and you felt obligated to buy something? And if you did buy something, maybe you only used it once or not at all. (Some of my friends sold Pampered Chef for a while, so I’ve been there, done that.) Here are some completed sold listings for “lots” of Pampered Chef kitchen gadgets ​​— notice they are in used condition. 

Dutch Ovens and Lids

Dutch ovens are great sellers. They are heavy but easy to ship and won’t break. These can often sell for over $100. I grew up in a big family, so my mom accumulated several of these over time. When she was downsizing a few years ago, we sold her Club Aluminum, Calphalon, and Farberware Dutch ovens for a nice price. And if you only have the lid, you can sell it by itself. Check eBay completed listings for Dutch ovens here.

Starbucks City Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are considered collectible, and you might have one and not even realize it is worth anything. Some Starbucks mugs can sell for several hundred dollars. Starbucks City Mugs are the most valuable and are highly collectible. A single Starbucks City mug can sell for up to $500. Other valuable mugs to check are Fire King, Fiestaware, and Dunkin Donuts advertising mugs.

Wilton Cake Pans

Wilton cake pans are highly collectible. Many were limited editions and collectors will pay hundreds of dollars for a rare pan. Disney characters do especially well. Specific Star Wars pans, like R2D2 or Darth Vadar can sell for very high prices. Do the research and determine if your pans are worth more individually or as a lot. Here are some examples of Wilton Cake Pans that have sold on eBay. 

Glass Microwave Trays

Ever had a microwave die on you, but you saved that nice glass tray or turn table inside? You can sell those! People may want to buy a gently used replacement tray rather than an expensive new one. They may not be able to find a replacement tray for an older or vintage model. The rectangular trays, from models that do not have a rotating arm, sell for them most. Check out completed listings on eBay for used replacement microwave trays.

Junk Drawer Lots

Most people don’t have $500 mugs stashed away in their kitchen cabinets, but I’ll bet you have some junk drawers where a bunch of random things like watches, pocket knives, lighters, thimbles, pens, keys, key chains, broken jewelry, coins, and other odds and ends you ​have accumulated over the years. Now is the time to turn that junk into cash! People will actually buy “junk drawer lots” on eBay. You may not have time to work through all the contents of a junk drawer, but collectors will. People buy junk drawer lots because:

  • They may pick through the contents to find items with gold that can be sold to "We Buy Gold" stores, or sold locally to a pawn shop.
  • They may be experts with coins, stamps, baseball cards or some other niche and actually research every item in the lot. I've actually sold a single Indian Head penny for $100 that was part of a coin book collection I found in a free box at an estate sale, so picking through these lots can be profitable. 
  • Sellers in areas where sourcing inventory is difficult, buy lots on eBay and sell the items individually on eBay. Or, sellers who are disabled or caregivers and can't get out to the source may use eBay as a way to get inventory lots to part out and sell. 

If you need some extra cash or are downsizing, take a look around your kitchen. There are lots of gems hiding in there! Your trash is definitely someone else's treasure in the eBay marketplace.